True Lust – Rayon Violet de ses Yeux Etat Libre d’Orange GIVEAWAY




Hello APJ Crew,

Each week we have a giveaway on APJ. Usually a new bottle to my collection. Some are Bought, others are Press Samples or Gifts. Perfume is about sharing the love.

Last weeks Crème de Cuir by bdk Parfums winners are Kathleen, Tanja, Verbenaluvvr, PattyPong
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True Lust – Rayon Violet de ses Yeux by Etat Libre d’Orange GIVEAWAY


Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Rum, Ginger, Rose absolute, Violet, Coconut, Osmanthus absolute, Lily-of-the-valley, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Tangerine, Rice powder, Amber, Leather, Animalic notes, Sandalwood

The opening is like a chemical spill but after about 20 seconds this beautiful spicy rose and parma violet fragrance comes pouring out. So pretty. Imagine if the original Paris by Yves Saint Laurent was recreated for a 21st century wearer. Lilac as the top note and rose playing backup. The modern cordial/lolly note is not so overwhelming to make your teeth rot but a tasteful sweetness that feels fun and flirty.

The dry down has darker and more feral, woods and animal musk that is still lightened by the fruity zing..

ELdO has a way of making quite old fashioned fragrance tropes seem utterly new. I like it. Also, I know True Lust is aimed at the girls but it’s super fun to wear as a guy too. Quite the dichotomy.

This is a Press Bottle from my mate Bronwyn who imports ELdO to Australia.

Leave a comment below. Four lucky people from anywhere in the world will get a decant.

Have you tried this beauty?
Portia xx

24 thoughts on “True Lust – Rayon Violet de ses Yeux Etat Libre d’Orange GIVEAWAY

  1. I have a bottle of this fragrance also, and I love it (also Putain de Palaces and Dangerous Complicity). True Lust unites these two perfumes and all three are beautiful themselves. Reading the notes, it sounds like it may not work, but in fact it does. I agree with your review and glad to hear you’re enjoying it.

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  2. The note breakdown seems complex. Coconut, rose, rum yummm yummm. Animal, leather, amber, sandalwood are like cherries on top. Could be great for the winter. I would love to participate..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. True Lust does seem to have all the notes and ingredients I would love in a fragrance, and as a man I’d love to experimeent and have fun. I’ll surely would want to give this a try!!!

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  4. A coworker has been yearning for a new version of Paris, but I never would have thought of suggesting an ELO. It would be interesting to sniffing a 21st century violet.

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  5. Sounds pretty nice from your description 👍🏻 ELDO house has a great concept but in general their juices don’t work really good with my skin. Notes list suggest this one would fit better in the cold of winter or fall.

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  6. Oooouh wow, please add me to the giveaway 🙂 – I love some of the unusual scents of Etat Libre and notes of rum and coconut plus violet sound rather yummy!!


  7. ELDO seems to have accelerated the number of new releases. From the notes, I could never guess True Lust – Rayon Violet de ses Yeux Etat Libre has similarities to YSL Paris.


  8. Oh my heavens, that sound wonderful! I am looking for a new violet fragrance to replace my sadly discontinued Violetta by Penhaligon’s another violet masterpiece of untold sexiness……


  9. I love violet scents although it’s proven quite difficult to find a perfect one (it’s Misia now but as soon as the decant’s gone I might have to go searching again). Would love to try this one.

    Congratulations to all the winners of Creme de Cuir decants!

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