Scent Diary: 24.6 – 30.6.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

It’s a bit chilly around these parts. This week marks 50 years since the Stonewall Riots in NYC, the beginning of the Gay Rights Movement. So I wore fragrances to match the colours of the rainbow flag for the first six days and something very special on the seventh. Loads of catch ups, people, fun and food as well.

Scent Diary: 24.6 – 30.6.2019

Monday 24:

SOTDay: Flaming Red by Santi Burgas. Oud and roses? YUM! From a spray sample.

First use for my new Tea Towel from Lyndall, thanks beautiful. XXX

Lunch with Alice, Millenia and Tim in at Barangaroo. It’s cold and wet here so I drove in to town, feeling both appalled at my wastefulness and enjoying the lavishness of being in my car on the way to town (instead of Public Transport).

Does anybody else take photos of where they left the car in a new carpark? Sometimes it’s the ONLY way I’ll ever find my car again. Also, I always try and park in the same lane every other time I go to that carpark, FOREVER, so I know where I’m going to. Even if the store I want is on the other side of the mall. I’ve spent too much of my youth looking for the fricken car.

This pack from Surrender To Chance may have arrived today. They had an 8ml sellout the other week and I might have gone a little CRAZY! Who can resist a bargain????

Came home. Did some clothes washing. Organised most of this weeks TRIVIA Q&A. Cleaned the house yesterday so didn’t have to today (YAY).

SOTAfternoon: Opium Posie de Chine by Yves Saint Laurent. Red bottle for the first stripe of the PRiDE Rainbow Flag, for PRiDE week!

Watched some Jessica Jones. Had dinner (Jin made Korean Beef Curry & Rice ready meals. YUM!) YES, I added peas as I was reheating it in the microwave.


Stopped being able to concentrate on anything important so trawled the net for a while.

SOTBed: Liberté by Cacharel

Tuesday 25:

Up early. TRIVIA Q&A.

For Day 2 of PRiDE Week 2019 I wore two orange fragrances to go with the second stripe of the Rainbow Flag.
Liberté by Cacharel (above in Monday) and Seville a l’Aube by L’Artisan (below). Excellent choices both.

Work was so fun. We had 72 players and I had a wonderful time.

SOTBed: Now I’m leaving the colourways and hitting vintage Joy EdT, even though this is kind of yellow to go with tomorrows stripe. MMMMMMMMMM
Smelling F I N E!

Wednesday 26:

SOTMorning: Amouage Gold Man for the yellow stripe on the Rainbow Flag.

Stuff happened. Jin and I had lunch at the mall and bought dinner for tomorrow night. Did some other shopping. Got some Post Office stuff done. Picked up Postcards! YAY! Top one from Aunty Tracey, bottom from Tara!

SOTEvening: Ostara by Penhaligon’s. Yes, more yellow.

Work was quiet but had some of my favourites back. Haven’t seen these two lovelies since before the honeymoon. Hiya Linda and Peter!

After work Jin and I tested his dinner menu for tomorrow night to make sure everything is going to be delicious. Pork Schnitzel and Spicy Spanish Cauliflower Tempura. They were freaking delicious. Can’t wait for dinner tomorrow night now.

SOTBed: It’s 2am so I’m putting on some Green fragrance for the green stripe on the PRiDE Rainbow Flag. Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert by Bulgari

Thursday 27:

Today was fun and productive.

SOTMorning: Guerlain Vetiver

Went to BFF Kath’s Dad’s place with Jin in the morning and did some fixing up of stuff around the house. There were mainly small jobs that took 10-15 minutes and we (Jin really, I just helped) got everything except one gate lock that Jin needs to buy some stuff for.

We had to go to Strathfield after that for a couple of things and we did some shopping while there.

Got home, organised stuff and then both Jin and I had naps . It was a blissful hour or so.

While Jin prepared dinner I got to cleaning the house for guests. It was a heavy duty boy clean. Not quite Mother-In-Laws-First-Visit clean but a good deal than a regular Monday clean. More involved and included putting stuff away that had been accumulating on our big dining table since we arrived home from the honeymoon. Fun Fact: Cleaning today added 3,300 steps to my count! Woo Hoo!

SOTEvening: Gave myself a quick spritz of Pour Un Homme de Caron. It’s greenish juice and green box mean it fits my days stripe perfectly.

Dinner was a triumph. We had two mates of mine from way back. New people to Jin. They have moved in about 4 streets away to look after Chris’s Mum. 14 years ago I was the hostess and entertainment at their Commitment Ceremony. It was so nice hanging out and catching up. Jin cooked Pork Schnitzel with Korean Curried Mushroom Demi-glace and Spicy Spanish Tempura Cauliflower. I added Roasted Sweet Potato, Capsicum and Onion. There was a bunch of wine drubk and loads of stories. SO MUCH FUN! The guys had Sweet Berry Pastries and I had Strawberries and Yoghurt for dessert.

Sadly Jin is working tomorrow early so we had to usher the boys out by 9.30pm. It was a fun night, I’m really happy.

SOTBed: I wanted to put on Eau de Gloire but the spritz mechanism has exploded. BUMMER! I see some bottle breakage and decanting in my future.

Giverny In Bloom by DSH Perfumes. Can’t get any greener, scent wise, than this. It’s a galbanum bomb.

Friday 28:

Slept late.

SOTMorning: L’Eau Bleue d’Issey Pour Homme. A salty wave of spiced cucumber. So many people don’t like this style of perfumery but I love it. Even in the dead of winter it feels zingy and refreshing.

Issey Miyake L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Pour Homme

What a wonderful day! Had lunch with my mate Lisa in the NSW Art Gallery. GOOD times, laughing, comparing work notes and having a really good natter.

Wandered over to martin Place for coffee and muffin with Evie. SO GOOD to see her. More chatter and catching up. It feels like forever since we had a spare hour to while away.

Wandering back across the Domain to get my car I was struck by how beautiful and warm it was in the mid winter sunshine.

Went and met Phil in Newtown where we coffee-d, wandered., had some terrible Indian and then looked at an apartment for him. It is a lovely two bedroom, light filled, quiet apartment near the station. The block is very cool and has loads of simple garden to walk through. We liked it a lot.

Home, walked the dogs, came to the computer.

SOTEvening: Vintage LouLou by Cacharel

Jin and I spent the night watching the Christopher Robin movie with Ewan McGregor. Nope. It was hard going. We watched it all but didn’t really like it. No wonder it was a flop.

Walked the dogs.


Saturday 29:

OMG! It was really cold this morning. Frosty grass crackled under our feet as we wandered the park. Jinx and Paris didn’t mind at all. I was a bit chilly. Not expecting it to be so cold I was well underdressed for the occasion.

SOTMorning: The last stripe on the Rainbow Flag is Purple. Exultat by Maria Candida Gentile.

Spent the better half of the morning getting my blogging up to date. It’s not quite there but Fingers Crossed for tomorrow.

Jin has been snoring on the couch for hours. It’s quite soothing really.

Dyed, Shaved, Bathed and Moisturised.

SOTAfternoon: Mohur Extrait by Neela Vermeire Creations. So freaking lavish, and the purple bottle is the best choice ever for that purple day of the rainbow Flag.

The gig tonight was so much fun. A local Soccer Team Fundraiser. They were fun and rowdy and raised a bunch of money. Everyone seemed to be having a good laugh. I also had a good time.

Near the end of the gig I started feeling really shaky and my nose wanted to run. GRRR! Feels like I’m getting the lurgy.

Home, fed and walked the dogs, had some left over pork Schnitzel and vegetables for dinner. Watched more Jessica Jones, started on Season Three.

I’m drinking as much tea with ginger and lemon as I can.

Bloody hell. It’s 4am and I fell asleep on the couch. I don’t know how I slept, my nose has three litres of snot in it and my throat is raw from snoring.

SOTBed: Cuir Ottoman by Parfums d’Empire. More purple.

Sunday 30:

Woke up. I’m sick. BLEAUGH!

Only a head cold but it’s awful. Here I am looking like death.

Jin made me Chicken Noodle Soup. He’s a bloody legend.

Had my bath. Scalding hot to try and lift my body temp and kill a few of these germs.

SOTAfternoon: Vintage Miss Dior EdT & Extrait

I’m wrapped up tight for work. Warm and fluffy, with a woolly burqa to keep the germs to myself.

Excellent turn out at Trivia, even though I was basically a reanimated corpse for them. Anna-Maria and I decided to spritz some Diptyque L’Ambre dans l’Eau. Very pretty and smelled excellent on her.



It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

26 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 24.6 – 30.6.2019

  1. Portia even with a nasty head cold you still look gorgeous! Your weight loss definitely shows in your face.

    I love that you color coordinated your weekly perfumes for the flag colors…I am eating my colors this morning with a fruit salad that I also made with edible flowers I picked up at the farmers market yesterday (I sent you an email , P, so you can see how gorgeous and yummy it looks!)

    My week was a whirlwind…my three day staycation was lots of manual labor and driving middle Marzipan back to University for the rest of the summer and possible into the fall semester….it was a seven hour drive round trip and I already have a ton of anxiety around driving so this was not MY thing at all (usually Mr. Marzipan does it)…I was wiped after that!

    Got perfume packages this week and mailed out three as well…and the traveling perfume samples continue amongst this extraordinarily generous family that I am so honored and blessed to be part of.

    I hope everyone else had a peaceful week xoxoxoxo


    • Welp, in all honesty I sent you about five because I could not get the darn phone to operate properly! emails kept getting queued! Technology is NOT my thing, folks!


    • Thanks Brigitte,
      How pretty were those bowls of salad. YUM!
      Driving for the people that don’t love it seems to be a real challenge. After I wrote off my first car Mum and Dad sent me to an advanced driving course. I learned more in those three one hour lessons on how best to manage a car, yourself and the terrors of other drivers than in my whole time before or since. We did braking, dodging, skids, water planing, extra self placement searches and reverse parking. It changed my life.
      Woo Hoo for perfume packages and perfume friends.
      We wish you a pleasant, peaceful week too.
      Portia xx


  2. Challenging my comfort zone this week. First time in Dubai and it was 45 degrees, I was a bit wobbly and there is no shade in the old town. Decided to perfume shop in the cool mall, a ‘few’ little things in Amouage and a Lattafa one from the perfume souk. Mostly I just smelled like sunscreen!
    Now we are in Crete and the only perfume I see are those big vats of scent that they decant for you. Eating and drinking nice wine though.


  3. Portia, I hope you feel better soon!
    I loved your perfume selections to match the colors of the flag 🌈. They could have not been better!

    Nothing new for me the past week. Work, work and work! I received some perfume packages and I am ready to mail some out this coming week. I am having fun sampling all those new goodies. Thanks to everyone who makes that possible. You are great perfumista buddies!


  4. Feel well soon Portia. And yes, I also take photo of my vehicle or signs when parking in an unfamiliar parking lot, and I always park in the same spot when shopping at the nearby Nordstrom mall. In the past, I’ve wandered around parking lots, thinking surely my car was stolen, only to eventually find it after much wasted time completely bewildered how I came to park there.
    Nice fragrance choices for your flag colors week! I’ve worn Alien and Alien Essence, Boucheron EDT, Heeley Iris de Nuit, Heeley Blanc Poudre (thank you for inspiration to purchase Sandra, it’s different from anything I have and I quite enjoy it!), and an inventory and wearing of all my powdery scents.


  5. It is very heartening to hear that the tedium of housecleaning can be offset by all those steps. Oh, and speaking of Fragrant, my Canada Day holiday plans went awry when my hostess-to-be go sick, so I impulsively bought a bottle – yes, backup – of Encens Mythique d’Orient, which probably cost more that my whole trip would have been. Let’s have everyone in good health in double-quick time…


  6. The perfume flag idea was wonderful Portia!!
    Parking and taking a photo..yes I do the same…
    I need to watch Jessica Jones…
    Jin is an angel for his chicken soup..hope you feeling better Portia..the perfume is still on my wrist from last night wow!!


  7. hi Portia! It’s June 30 here in the US, the end of Pride Month, an important season for me and my family. My very rainbow-colored city is a wonderful place, love living here.
    Your scent choices this week made me smile. I often think of perfumes as having a color, either because of the packaging or more likely because it smells “green” or “orange” or “purple” to me.
    This past week I spent much time at home as a very dear friend has been helping to renovate my sadly neglected little bathroom. It’s a relief to brighten things up with fresh caulking, new paint, a different towel bar and so on and on and on. I’ve not spent this amount of time or money on a renovation project in many years. Worth the effort! My friend is an artist and has volunteered to paint a small canvas in the bathroom’s new green and yellow colors. I’m so excited! 😀


    • Hey Tiffanie,
      We had a green and yellow bathroom for a few years in the house I grew up in. It always seemed so cheery, even in the dead of winter. Having a new bathroom is an excellent investment, might as well greet the day with something you love, and end it the same way.
      How lucky your buddy is going to do a piece for your new room, that will be the ultimate luxury finishing touch. Bespoke art!
      Portia xx


  8. I like your pride theme in which you choose a fragrance inspired by one of the colors in the rainbow. This reminds me of a funny post I encountered a while ago. A conservative bigoted christian complains LGBT stealing rainbow from god is the worst example of cultural appropriation as god created the rainbow and it is his only. A witty woman replied one of her favorite examples of LGBT achievements is how they got together and collectively stole the rainbow from God..hahahahahha


  9. The Amsterdam postcard arrived! Nice to see it turned up with Auntie Tracey’s.

    Thoroughly enjoyed following your fragrance rainbow flag.

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better today. I’m watching the very last ep of Jessica Jones tonight. I’ll miss her.


    • OMG Tara,
      I watched the last Jessica Jones last night too. I am missing them all badly already! You know I’m madly in love with Malcolm yeah? He’s an Aussie. What a honey.
      Glad you liked my PRiDE Perfumes. That was fun.

      LOVED the postcard. and love you.
      Portia xx


  10. The sprayer broke on my Cuir Ottoman too, husband dismantled and pried it off so I could decant the remains. Crossing fingers the decant survives long-term as I have had a few decants go off lately. Will seal with plumber’s tape for extra insurance. This week was my puppy girl’s first birthday, the breeder had a party yesterday which was lots of fun. And today is Canada Day! Going downtown for the parade at 11, fireworks tonight at the Old Port of Montréal.


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