Villanelle’s Vero’s


Val the Cookie Queen


Well hello there.

I had not planned to write anything more about Vero Profumo.  However I had a message last week from someone asking me what I thought was Vero´s best work; something  I have been asked this many times over the years.  I never answered it, as there is obviously no correct response.  “Best work” is a a different question to the “what is my favourite Vero?” question,  another one that I am often asked.  I cannot answer the favourite question as whatever Vero I happen to be wearing is my favourite at that given moment.   And despite there being no factual reply to the original question, I do have an answer.   So what is her best work?

Villanelle’s Vero’s

ANSWER:  The Rozys.  Rozy Extrait.  Rozy Voile d’Extrait.  Rozy Eau de Parfum.

“The rose is the flower of virgins and women, but also of vice and prostitution.  Thorns and roses symbolize the ambivalence of love and sorrow – the drama of fine love.”  VERO KERN. 

The Rozy´s were Vero´s fifth creation.  Villanelle’s Vero’s.


The Eau de Parfum with its hazy, peachy, whipped honey; an erotic warmth, lulling those around you into a feeling of security.


The Voile.  Dark, charismatic, dangerous, lethal, painfully exquisite.  Rubbery, hot,  leathery, psychedelic,   This is worn for the wearer’s pleasure alone.


The Extrait.  The Voile, but mainlined.

“You should never tell a psychopath they are a psychopath.  It upsets them.”  Villanelle. 

The Rozys –   Masterpieces of emotion.

Intellectual and artistic, these were Vero Kern´s crowning achievement.  That is my final answer.

Perhaps you think otherwise?

An Assassin’s Bussi


Perfume collages my own.

16 thoughts on “Villanelle’s Vero’s

  1. As you say, there cannot be any correct answer to this question. But I like your choice. :-). I’m really hoping I can get another bottle of Rubj voile d’extrait, somehow, somewhere. That’s a big favourite.

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    • I have not heard a thing about what is happening, I still tend to think it will die out. But perhaps someone will surprise us. I like the Rubj Voile best in winter, in freezing weather. xxx


  2. The Rozys are a great answer to a difficult question. While my favourites are Naja and Kiki extrait, the Rozys are next level in terms of concept and complexity. There has never been been and never will be a rose interpretion like them. Oh and yes, more than a touch of the unhinged Villanelle in there…

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  3. I just don’t know how to pick a favorite. Rozy extrait may be it for me. But then there is Mito EDP. And now Onda extrait. And Rubj extrait started it all. I could only answer with whatever I am wearing right now of hers is my favorite. Maybe Rozy, maybe Naja. I couldn’t say. Love this story, Val.

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  4. There is no correct answer as to what was Vero Kern’s best work. Rozy was my favorite. Voile and Extrait. I enjoyed several large samples, and now am so disappointed and sorry I didn’t purchase a bottle.

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    • Yeah – nothing comes close to Rozy, it is completely loaded with Vero´s DNA. I know there is not a correct answer, but what could be better for an ice cold assassin than Rozy Extrait? xxxx


  5. No perfumes have gotten under my skin in the way the Vero’s have. I don’t feel qualified to comment on their complexity or concept, I think we only just have started talking to each other… I have been wearing a lot of Mito, and she kept saying something like ‘keep your cool’ in a very busy time that is behind me now: currently I am in Spain sleep, eat, beach, read, perfume, husband. And I brought a sample of Rozy (left the bottles at home)!

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  6. Hi Val. I have deliberately avoided any of Vero’s scents. I simply cannot afford them, even if I loved them. And given the state of current affairs, falling for something that cannot be replenished is more painful than never knowing. At least you got to know them all and you got a dear friend; the best gift of all.

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  7. Yeah. True words spoken. When I eventually make it to Australia I’ll bring some. And Portia has a couple of you ever meet up with him. Eventually a few drops will come you way one way or another. ❤️


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