Scent Diary: 4.11- 10.11.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

This week seemed really busy but looks like it was pretty quiet. Weird how that happens. Got some amazing scents on my skin including some brand new testings. Saw a bunch of mates. Hung out with Jin and ate ALL the foods.

Scent Diary: 4.11- 10.11.2019

Monday 4:

Did the 8.30am Aquarobics class. Feel good for it. I love the Sydney Olympic Pool site. It’s a lovely place to start my day.

SOTMorning: Eau d’Epices by Tauer Perfumes. I felt like something rich and intricate today, even though it’s quite warm 27C (80F).

Home, fed and walked the dogs. They are going through their annual month of moult. I took the dead hair remover comb on our walk today and pulled out handfuls of fur from them. If I do this every couple of days they don’t leave it around the house.

Done 3 loads of clothes washing and some TRIVIA Q&A and it’s only midday!

It’s now 6.30pm. 5 loads of washing done. First load already dry and folded. House dusted,  vacuumed, bathroom cleaned, tiles washed (on my hands & knees for that thank you very much). MOST of my TRIVIA Q&A done.

SOTAfternoon: Liberté by Cacharel. Continuing the spicy citrus adventures of todays perfumes.

Jin came home around 7.30pm. We had dinner together and chatted but he was buggered and not very good company.

We walked the dogs together and he went straight to bed. He’ll be up again before 5am.

TRIVIA Q&A. I’m finding it hard to focus on it.

SOTNight: Ambre Nuit by DIOR. Completely forgot I had this cool amber beauty hiding away in its box, in another box atop the frag wardrobe.

It’s 1.30am just finished my TRIVIA Q&A. That was a hard slog tonight.

I’m for bed.

SOTBed: Trussardi Donna. Vintage leathery goodness. MMMMMMM

Tuesday 5:

Slept blissfully till 9am

It’s cooled down considerably here in Sydney. Walking the dogs in jeans and a hoodie. Love this weather, cool breeze and cloudy. HEAVEN!

SOTMorning: Guess by Marciano. Sometimes nothing else hits the spot better than this ultra cheap, orange and caramel brittle, candyfloss monstrosity. LOVE IT!

Got my trivia stuff organised. Packed up a bunch of send outs. Organised the goodwill donation.

Off outta the house now.

Post Office, Chemist, Scotty at work.

Fell asleep on the couch.

Work as a dude.

Fun night with the Parramatta RSL crew. The Golden Shower Girls missed Miharu tonight. Brad looks particularly seedy here, he he he he.

Wednesday 6:

6am Aquarobics.

SOTMorning: Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori

Home and bus/train to city.

On the way I passed the flats that I lived with Rose and Varun (my last partner).

Met up with my courtesy aunt Sandra for brunch. We were joined by a friend from my late teens who I’d spent a North Coast Christmas with, with a couple of other friends. I haven’t seen him in at least a decade. EXCELLENT surprise. So excited I forgot to take photos, except for this one of David and me.

Walked through Hyde Park into the city. Today was perfect weather. What a day. No filter or colour enhancement.

Met my mate Patrick for lunch. We went to Lobby Bar and I was about 30 minutes early at 11.30am. First in the restaurant. Once he got there I forgot to take a shot of us too. Damnit. Food, conversation, everything was perfect.

Home via the Post Office. Sending, not receiving.


SOTEvening: Eau Absolu by Mona di Orio

We had 9 tables for TRIVIA tonight and this team were WINNERS! They play a lot but have never won. Recruiting a couple of older blokes really upped their game.

Watched a couple of shit but good Rom Com movies on Netflix.

SOTBed: Scent by Costume National

Thursday 7:

O M G! I woke when Jin got home from work and when he got into bed I went back to sleep too. Woke again at nearly 11am! What luxury. I felt like I slept for a year.

SOTMorning: CHANEL No 18 EdT. The perfect heat beater. A vegetal musk and iris scent with hints of peppery woods and a very refreshing sweetness. Whenever my straight mates ask me what perfume they should get for their girlfriends, especially if they aren’t INTO fragrance, this is what I most often reply. Sophisticated but easy, wearable all year and quite distinctive but not challenging.

We went out for Yum Cha breakfast. Jin is sick (not 100% certain what’s wrong but the Dr gave him today off and told him to take it easy) so he gets to eat whatever he wants. YAY! I love Yum Yum Cha Cha Cha.

Did a little grocery shopping. Jin wants Spicy Pork Belly for dinner. I sneakily added some Aussie Fat Sausages. The BarBQ will be lit, he might as well. Grabbed some stuff to make the various salads we love.

Came home and we both fell sound asleep.

I scored a 75ml Liberté by Cacharel off FB Marketplace for $15!! So freaking happy. Went to meet the girl at Top Ryde Shopping Centre. She was running 45 minutes late so I went and found out about a NEW Sydney based chocolatier. GAWD! It all looks so delicious that I bought a truckload to gift.

SOTEvening: Liberté by Cacharel. This is an old pic, the bottle shown here is nearly empty.

Also grabbed some bibs and bobs for Jin and I.

Came home and it’s FULL BarBQ AHEAD. Amazing smell and tasted freaking delicious.

Friday 8:

Stayed up watching TV movies. Suddenly it was nearly 5am so I got ready, dressed and went to 6am Aquarobics. It was nivce to hang with the girls and get my exercise on.

Home and straight to bed. Slept till about midday.

Jin is home on a 3 day weekend, feeling better but not 100%. Basically he has slept on and off on the couch all day.

I went out at 2 to collect a 10ml decant of Mancera Soleil d’Italie I bought from Tyson Ali. Starting with Matt Deckers it has been getting a LOT of Aussie FB time and I felt the need to sniff it.

This week I was challenged by my girlfriend Nicola to do the
Day In The Life Of Me
Seven Days, Seven B&W Photos Of Everyday Life.
No Explanation.

Obviously (to me anyway) the shots are not to ascertain artistic merit but seven snapshots of things we do regularly. It made me look at my life a little closer. Check the things I am doing, seeing, living with on the weekly and capturing them without glamorising or colour popping. Simple B&W captures. Here are my seven shots. I love the way B&W adds texture that you’d never notice in colour, even the most mundane becomes beautiful and tactile. Pattern becomes intrinsic and chaos looks like landscape. Everything I have shot is a part of the man I see myself as at 50 years old, the things I do, enjoy, love and collect.

SOTEvening: Niki de Saint Phalle

Went for dinner with Kath & Jin. STEAKS! So freaking delicious. Kath reminded me to take photos but we were chatting and I lost track of time and everything. It was a wonderful catch up.


SOTNight: Mancera Soleil d’Italie. Really wearable salty citrus freshie. Not ground breaking but it does the job seamlessly and simply.

Hung out with Jin watching Korean TV. Did some blog comment answering. Caught up on eMails.


SOTBed: Arbolé Arbolé by Hiram Green

Saturday 8:

Woke up around 9am with Jin. It happens so rarely that it should be noted.

SOTMorning: Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations.

We had some toast & coffee. Fed & walked the dogs.

Went shopping for our Brunch tomorrow.

SOTAfternoon: Coco extrait by CHANEL. Such lavishness!

I’m catching up on some blogging. Jin is cooking and organising for tomorrow. It’s a very chill house today so far.


AETHER Parfums has a new website! To celebrate they’re offering a 20 euro discount voucher on your next purchase total. Promo code NEWESHOP. Sending everywhere in the world except USA!

In between, on the TV is a Korean show about some actors doing the Trans-Siberian Railway from Vladivostok to Moscow. It’s so good watching the bits we saw on our journey and Jin is hyper excited, calling me from the office whenever he recognises something. SO CUTE!

Seriously, I have no idea where today went. Suddenly it’s 9.30pm and Jin and I are feeding and walking the dogs.

Home and I grabbed some left over sausages and spicy pork with salad. DELICIOUS!

SOTNight:  Opium Posie de Chine by Yves Saint Laurent

Cleaned, watched a bit of TV.

SOTBed: Nirmal by Laboritorio Olfactivo

Sunday 10:

Up, cleaned house, organised food, walked dogs.

SOTMorning: Granville by DIOR

GUESTS arrived for our 8th Anniversary Brunch. We had Prawns, Proscuitto wrapped rockmelon, Fruit, Bacon, Bagels, Pork crackling and bunches of other stuff. Jin made an orange cake from scratch with homemade marmalade and cream centre, with orange frosting. We had Bubbles and Orange juice, tea, coffee and sparkling water. Everyone was groaning full by the end. HAPPY DAYS!

Then Jin, Simon and Tina, with a little back seat driving from the rest of us, put together the Christmas tree. I KNOW! Month too early. Don’t care. we haven’t had it up for a couple of years and this year I want it up and Christmassy.


SOTEvening: Memory Motel by Une Nuit a Montauk

Work was fun tonight. The AUSTRAL BC crew are always a blast. We had a laugh.

Home. Jin hit the hay. I’m going to watch Netflix and eat a Bagel with Cream cheese and Prosciutto. YUM!


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

22 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 4.11- 10.11.2019

  1. I love all of your black and white photos Portia and how they reflect who and where you are at this time in your life.
    You are smelling fine again this week! Coco extrait is my favorite of your wears.
    I wore Chanel No 5 yesterday, and then thought to add Gabrielle which doesn’t get much wear. The combination was lovely and No 5 seemed to lift up Gabrielle to a much more luxe level!


  2. Hey Portia! What a great week you had. Happy Anniversary to you and Jin. Love the B&W pictures too. But the best is the Christmas tree! Love, love, love it that you put it up. Ours will go up at the end of the month. Have a great week.
    Sandra xoxo


  3. So glad to see you are back to Aquarobics on a more regular basis. The Sydney Olympic Pool site does look very inviting. Wish we had drop-in aquarobic classes here. Those pictures from the Hyde Park look so amazing! On the other hand I have a hard time enjoying Christmas trees before mid-December. Obviously artificial trees are not common in private homes here, so the trees would not keep for Christmas if put up this early.I have to say the first Christmas lights in the shopping street a block away from where I live do look good in the dark evenings, but I still wish they had waited another week or so.

    The first snow in the city centre came on Friday. Lots of smaller accidents since it was also icy on the roads. I worked from home and even didn’t go to physio and my usual exercise, so need to do better next week! My new smartwatch tells me I have had only two days this week with more than 30 minutes real exercise. The step count doesn’t seem totally correct, but the numbers suggest I need to find ways of moving more frequently during the day.

    This week no shopping spree (don’t think I wrote about last week’s expedition to a shopping centre outside the city, so big in fact that I had to bring a wheelchair to get around, so very happy to be in the company of a friend who could pick perfume bottles and clothes from the higher shelves), but really enjoying my new cashmere jumper and new knitted tops now with the cold weather.

    The weekend has been spent trying to find Christmas presents online, I’ve ordered “personal postage stamps” for a friend with a photo of her dog on them and found some hiking gear for a young relative. But I do prefer seeing what I buy IRL, so need to plan a few more afternoons of shopping pretty soon. It is generally not easy to buy fragrant gifts, so finding some handcrafted chocolate is maybe a good idea.


    • Forgot to say: The Neil Chapman book about searching for a signature scent is really good and my bound copy also looks very good in terms of design. Def. a possible Christmas present to those new to perfume too, since it is very well written and an easy read with scents neatly divided based on notes.


      • Also, Neil doesn’t mention a perfume he doesn’t love, orone he nows lots of people do love, and then he’s tactful, saying at worst something like “That’s a lot of perfume”.


      • Neil’s book is indeed lovely, very informative. Beautifully produced and a cover to die for. It would make a lovely Christmas pressie.


    • Hey Ingeborg,
      I grew up with a silver tinsel Xmas tree. It came out almost every year till my Mum died in 2001. A couple of years we had real trees but the needles and smell annoyed Mum so the next few years it was always back to the silver. I absolutely know it’s too early for the Xmas tree but I don’t care. I love having it blinking in the living room.
      Oh yeah, those step counters are excellent for keeping score.My average for the year is 6,016 steps per day. I’s like it to be over 7,000 but some days I just zombie.
      Good luck keeping warm. Enjoy your shopping trips. I prefer to see and hold stuff too. The whole interpersonal experience of buying.
      Portia xx


  4. On the cusp of bringing up the Christmas tree myself – just the tree lights help with this blah, dark time of year. No perfume news except finishing a decant of Misia. It feels nice to have had the limited-time experience with a like-not-love perfume, and then it’s over. Sniff ’em and leave ’em, if you will.


  5. It looks like you have jacaranda trees there, I love those! We have them in San Diego as well. Loved the B&W photo series, it represents your life perfectly. I wore Arbolé Arbolé to bed last night too! Need to bust out the Ambre Nuit as well but it is 28C here, a bit hot for lots of my favourites. Last week was super busy with a road trip to San Francisco to visit my parents and then a funeral the day after we got back, so I’m focusing on rest and relaxation this week. Yoga, meditation and walks with the dog. Went to the beach with her this morning, her first time! She loved the sand, but was nervous about the waves. 🙂 Lots of fun though.


    • Hey TaraC,
      Yes, it’s jacaranda season here. All of Parramatta is draped in the flowers.. One of my favourite months of the year visually.
      Ambre Nuit is a perfect hot weather amber, spritz with gay abandon.
      Enjoy your down time.
      Dogs at the beach! Happy memories.
      Portia xx


  6. The black and white shots are great and love the dog one…my dog sleeps with his legs up like sticks too, so funny!
    Nothing on TV so have been watching Spy on Netflix. It’s a bit hard to separate Sacha Baron Cohen from Borat though, mankini anyone?


    • Hey JackieB,
      thank you. x
      HA! Aren’t dogs sleeping habits hilarious. My Paris is all neat and dainty but Jinx is a complete space hog. Another reason they rarely get any on-bed time.
      I find Sacha Baron Cohen a bit something that grates my nerves.
      Portia xx


  7. First of all, Happy Anniversary to you and Jin. BTW, I didn’t realize how similar Dior and Chanel’s caps look from above, with Chanel using white paint to highlight its logo while Dior foregoing that. These two companies are, indeed, each other’s biggest rivals in clothing and perfumes.


    • Thanks Fazal,
      Oh yes, they are VERY similar. LVMH has been trying their best to make DIOR the same as CHANEL in our eyes. Personally I think Christian Dior was infinitely more stylish, they don’t need to work so hard.
      Portia xx


      • Yeah, I agree. Chanel 5 may be the most popular perfume ever but I actually think Dior’s perfume legacy is superior to Chanel’s. If I have to choose between these two, it is not even a close contest given Dior has Eau Sauvage, Eau Sauvage Extreme, Fahrenheit, Dune, Dioressence, and Dior Homme etc. (all in original formulas though).


  8. When I come to visit I want Jin to make me that cake. Echoing everyone’s sentiments that the B&W photos are sublime.


  9. Hello gorgeous.
    Love reading your week, BW photos and that Trussardi!!!
    Congrats on your anniversary with the lovely Jin.

    XXX… Tim


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