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Hey there APJ,

It’s Mood Scent 4 week. WOO HOO! Festive Event Fragrances is a ripper idea and very timely too. Already we are in full swing of Office Party, Formal and Silly Season events here in Sydney. From the kids doing their School Dances to Office Xmas Parties, Product Launches, Dinners, Get Togethers and all the madness that hits towards the end of the year. Also, there are the MANY religious observances, almost every crew has something at this time since time long forgotten.

I have tried to steer away from the tropes of the season. Though I love and will wear Nuit de Noel, Exultat, Aromatics Elixir, Sancti and Shalimar at some point during the season I thought you could all do with some different options.

So excited to be blogging with these three superstars again:  Esperanza L’Esperessence, Megan Megan In Sainte Maxime and Samantha I Scent You A Day. Check theirs out too.

Mood Scent 4: Festive Event Fragrances

Bulgari Man In Black

Now father of a slew of flankers, some even quite good, it’s the original Man In Black that has my heart. A boozy leather totally spiced up and there is a strong whiff of laconic figs in there for me too (no idea where it comes from). While not being a fruit cake or stewed fruit style it certainly hints at the winter festivities smells, but much darker. At the discounters for a steal ands utterly unisex.

Daim Blond by Serge Lutens

Sometimes you might like to sly under the fragrant radar and wear something elegant, cool and classy. Daim Blond with its softly sweetened suede and huffs of powdery fluffiness isa an excellent example of deliciously understated. In times of over excitement and joyousness you will be an area of calm.

Divine EdP by Divine Parfums

This is the most fabulously festive fragrance EVER! An aldehydic floral that does the old CHANEL No 5 space age floral, but better. Huskier, denser and more magnetic, if it’s a showstopper you’re after then my bet is on Divine EdP. There is also a parfum but it wears closer and far less showy. I add it to give burnish and lustre.

Oriental Mint by Phaedon

Want to stand out because you smell like the coolest cat of them all. Imagine smelling like a choc mint candy cane! Oriental Mint is delicious but it also has the snappy coolness of frosty weather. It’s like eating after dinner mints at the seaside in winter. A surprising and gorgeous shock to the system. Nobody else will be smelling like you, yet you will be the one that fits the bill perfectly.

Vaninight bu Hermetica

You want to be the most desirable amber/vanilla fragrance and like the idea of it smelling like it could be you, not a fragrance? Vaninight is a perfect choice. Being an oil based scent it doesn’t project as luminously as the alcohol scents but it does have an amazingly beautiful, low intensity warmth that will be incredibly alluring, without trying too hard.

Y by Yves saint Laurent (Vintage)

An oldie but definitely one of the goodies. A chypre perfume from the era that did them best. Y is a little more friendly, wearable, approachable and fun. Imagine if Niki e Saint Phalle, CHANEL No 19 and Jacomo Silences had a less uptight, straight backed sister. This is definitely the Amy March chypre to the Jo, Beth and Meg of the others.


So there are my Festive Event Fragrances.

What are your choices? What are your Festive Event Fragrances and what do you think you’ll be wearing at some or all of your shindigs in 2019?
Portia xx


36 thoughts on “Mood Scent 4: Festive Event Fragrances

  1. Hi Portia – ok I will confess your fragrances look really interesting and the only one I’ve tried is Daim Blond! The mint fragrance sounds really different too and you’ll definitely stand out from the Xmas crowd Xx


  2. No Shindigs for me this year but I will oblige in a list of fragrances I loved wearing in my past to festive holiday events:
    Vintage Chanel Cristalle
    Estee Lauder Private Collection
    Clinique Wrappings
    Pacifica Mexican Cocoa
    Sonoma Scent Studio Champagne de Bois

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  3. I love your choices Portia! I’ve had Divine on my radar, need to get my nose on it! Vintage Y, classic beauty! Vaninight sounds beautiful.
    My holiday event perfume is Chanel Coco for going out, and for festive Christmas at home vintage Coty Emeraude, Amouage Fate, and EL Youth Dew.


  4. Not going anywhere and no parties planned, but my holiday scents are Chopard Wish, A*men, Amouage Memoir, Rundholz April.3.1968 and Incense Rosé.


  5. Hi Portia, the festive season has already started here – every weekend parties, concerts, get-togethers… I can hardly find enought fancy clothes for all occasions but perfume wise I’m satisfied 🙂 There’s my all time winter favourite Amouage Epic, then my woody perfumes: Feminite du Bois, vintage Jil Sander III, the soft leather Bottega Veneta and the spicy Alaia. For a touch of glamour: Puredistance Warszawa.
    I love all your choices and the Divine Edp sounds amazing.


  6. Hi Portia,

    You had me at boozy leather. Then you had me again at aldehydic florals, then again at Vintage YSL Y. I’ll take the bloody lot. Please tell Santa if you see him. One day we will meet and i will give you a bear hug and a big long sniff.xxxx


  7. My holidays perfumes were almost the same for many years, as a tradition. They included Chanel No.5 Extrait, Caron Nuit de Noel, which I never fell in love with, but it was difficult for me not to wear it on Christmas Eve, just because of the name. Also Comme de Garcons Avignon and Donna Karan Black Cashmere. I tend to wear incense scents during the holidays. These days only Nuit the Noel is off the list because I could not handle it anymore.Chanel No.19 EdP has also become a staple. But it also depends on my mood and at the last minute I can change my mind and wear something completely different.
    I succumbed to the Cyber Monday offers this morning and ordered the gift set of Clinique Wrappings. It was a blind buy, but for so many years I wanted to try it because I always connected Wrapping with Christmas, like many people do. I hope I like it, love it and becomes my favorite perfume for Christmas day!


    • Clinique Wrappings is my dearest perfume of all. The vintage version is a tiny bit better but the current one is also beautiful. To me it was always the perfume for the first warmer evenings in spring, I don’t see any connection with Christmas and I’ve been wearing it since it came out. Anyhow I hope you’ll like it. It’s so nicely different 🙂


    • OH NOOOO! Nuit de Noel is off the list? Is it too big, a note annoys you or something has turned? What a bummer.
      Avignon is a perfect Christmassy fragrance. It’s just like the Midnight Mass incense of my childhood.
      Wrappings is very nice. Not as Christmassy as I expected but lovely.
      Portia xx


    • I really view Caron Nuit de Noel as the official fragrance of Christmas. The name, the age (it has been with us for such a long time now, and the bottle. Even the vintage ads celebrated christmas and snow.


    • Oooo!!! Wrappings!!! For me that will always be Christmas! The wet snowy streets of Manhattan with the vendors selling real Christmas trees. I hope you love the current Wrappings.
      And would you believe I have never smelled Nuit de Noel? Time to revoke my perfumista card 😬😬


  8. Hi Portia, wonderful choices, I want to try the Man in Black. It sounds very promising. My sister wore Y a very long time ago. Very nice you own a bottle. Reading some really nice Festive fragrances in the comments!


    • Hey Esperanza!
      Man In Black is running well under the radar for something so good (and cheap). It smells to me like it was really thoughtfully produced.
      There’s a little Y stash here, you may know how I love the older chypres?
      Portia xx


  9. If Y is Amy, which ones are Meg, Jo, and Beth please? I am guessing 19 is Meg, but that’s the only one of these I know and only in its modern iteration. I love chypres and I love Little Women references so I may have to start seeking out a few vintage frags!


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