Today on A Bottled Rose: Cheap Shit Portia Loved 2019




Hey there APJ,

One of Jin and my buddies we met through perfume is Tara. Every UK trip we make some Tara time, she came to our wedding here in Sydney and has popped over to meet us a couple of times on continental Europe too. Lately I’ve also been guest posting on her blog A Bottled Rose.

Today on A Bottled Rose

Cheap Shit Portia Loved – 2019

Hey all,

Here’s the REAL list you’ve all been waiting for. Not just for the poor, or the poor at heart. This list is for anyone who likes to give themselves an affordable treat without the pain of high expense.
Also a seriously good guide to bargain shopping for this last minute gifts.

Check out Cheap Shirt Portia Loved 2019 on A Bottles Rose.

See you over there,
Portia xxx