FR! 01/04 Magnol'art 3 by Amélie Bourgeois for Fragrance Republic 2014


Post by Poodle


Let the Music Play…

That’s the name of a song by an artist named Shannon that was released in 1984. It’s the song that came on the radio as I was writing this and since it’s about a dance, it seemed fitting.  Fragrance Republic FR! 01/04 is supposed to call to mind a dance, the tango specifically, and a weekend getaway.

FR! 01/04 Magnol’art 3 by Amélie Bourgeois for Fragrance Republic 2014

01 04 Magnol'art 3 Fragrance Republic FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords: (slightly different in words & pictures)
Top: Yellow Italian Mandarin, Sweet Orange
Heart: Jasmine, Fleur de Cassie, Mimosa Maroc, Black Locust, Magnolia
Base: Sesame, Tonka Bean, White Musks

FR! 01/04 was not what I expected from reading the note list.  I was expecting a citrusy, tropical thing that I would quickly dismiss.  Instead I got something completely different that’s grown on me a lot.

It opens on my skin with a huge bouquet of flowers.  The florals here are big and bold.  There’s a creaminess to the magnolia that evokes the idea of big, fleshy petals.  The sesame is also noticeable from the start to the finish.  That and the Tonka bean give the scent an edible note that hums just below the surface.  It’s not woody but rather nutty.  I imagine a Latin dancer with flowers in her hair.  It’s a hot summer night.  She’s dancing with a handsome man to the pulsating beat of the tango.  The song ends and they step away to share a sip of a tropical drink with orange slices garnishing the glass.  All these aromas mingle with the musky sweetness of their skin covered in just a shimmer of sweat.

01 04 Magnol'art 3 Fragrance Republic tango pixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

The idea behind the perfume is Argentina and the sensuality of two bodies dancing the tango.  At the start it’s musky, nutty floral.  The citrus notes are nowhere to be found for me.  It isn’t until later in the development they make a little flirting appearance.  The perfume has an earthy quality to it but it never smells dirty to me.  There’s a sensual facet from the big flowers but even the musks in this are clean and not animalic.  While I was able to piece together the imagery it wasn’t the down and dirty fragrance I thought it would be.  These two dancing bodies are keeping all their contact on the dance floor.

And she sang;

“I thought it was clear,
the plan was we would share
this feeling just between ourselves,
But when the music changed
the plan was rearranged,
he went to dance with someone else.”

There’s no roll in the sheets to end the evening for them.  It’s all about the dance.  In the end the perfume is all about the clean musks with that touch of sesame.  That being said, it’s got just enough going on to keep it from smelling too clean and the sesame gives it a unique quality that I really like.

Further reading: Ca Fleur Bon
Fragrance Republic has $45/15ml

Poodle x

6 thoughts on “FR! 01/04 Magnol'art 3 by Amélie Bourgeois for Fragrance Republic 2014

  1. Hi Poodle,
    I have to thank you again for the FR! samples. I’ve now tried all of these scents (except 07) and find that the sesame sets 01/04 apart from its too clean/too chemical sisters. I love this post and how you reference the tango! My students have so much fun playing the old style Argentinian tangos for piano (and small ensembles too). I have to say, though, that most days, on my skin, 04 is not a tango. Its more like a floral stir fry with tonka bean! I like it…I think. I’ll try it again today and see what happens.
    Azar xx


    • It’s an odd one and not something I’d reach for every day. I think this might be one of the ones I’d really tell people to try first. Some of the others seem to have more mass appeal whereas this one I think is an acquired taste. Floral stir fry is a great description!


  2. Interesting to get your take on this one, Poodle! I found it seriously nutty on my skin, to the point of almost stir fry oil-y. But also obviously this big floral number. Huge points for originality but the nuttiness was a bit too much at the end of the day.


    • I didn’t get all that nuttiness. It was there but it wasn’t overwhelming. It was like a little “not so fresh” sweatiness on my skin but it didn’t veer off into total skank. More like when you shower but it’s so hot out that a short while later you feel like you may need to shower again before the day is out. Clean but not.


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