Grace by Grace Coddington and Comme des Garcons 2016


Post by Ainslie Walker


Hi fragrant friends,

In the lead up to Christmas and a change in seasons, we’re seeing an influx of new releases…including Grace by Grace Coddington.

We’ve been waiting an eon to smell Comme des Garçons and Grace Coddington’s fragrance. It was released April 2016 overseas and late August in Australia, exclusive to Mecca nationwide.

As April came and went I observed some ‘spoilers’ on Instagram etc, however all I really knew was there was a cat connection and I had also heard it was rose based. Grace has been obsessed with roses since her English childhood experiences in rose gardens. She used to wear Floris’s Red Rose as a teen.

I have a soft spot for Comme des Garçon’s edgy fragrances. How might they ‘shake up the rose’ for Grace? Roses are well loved and Grace spending more than a decade with her finger firmly on the fashion pulse means it should really hit the nail on the head. [NB for those who do not know, Grace was Vogue’s Creative Director for at least a decade and before that a model, originally from England. If interested you can find out more about the fashion icon from her book, Grace – A Memoir or by watching The September Issue movie.]

Grace by Grace Coddington and Comme des Garcons 2016

Grace Grace Coddington FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, Mint, Basil leaf, Cardamom, Pink pepper
Heart: Moroccan rose absolute, Freesia, Peach blossom
Base: Vetiver, Cashmere wood, White musk, Crystal amber

On first whiff its light, fresh, rosy and white musk, with some transparency. Second whiff deeper rose notes with an impression of freshly laundered towels. Sweetness, maybe juicy peach. Sparkle..maybe green pepper, or still the fizz of laundry powder. What I see in my minds eye is; a rose growing on another planet wrapped in a thick clean towel, warm from the dryer, looking at the twinkling stars.

The lovely Grace bottle, designed by Fabien Baron is actually a cute, sophisticated cat. A heavy bottomed, curved – almost egg-shaped glass bottle. The lid is a weighted silver metal ball with little ears. A little drawstring bag features illustrations by Grace herself. VERY handbag friendly. The bottle feels lovely in the hand. There’s that swoony weight / balance thing…sigh.

Grace Coddinton #3

Grace Coddinton #2

Grace Coddinton #1

Who would wear this? I recommended it as a gift for my friends’ daughter’s 18th, however the fragrance is not limited to a younger audience. I think the lightness, elegance and playfulness of a flirty cat is captured and who does not want to smell like that some days?

You could wear it to work, dates or outdoors. There’s a cosy feel to it…and yet a watery luminescence too. A nod to old-fashioned English rose scents, but interpreted in a more lasting, modern way. At no point does it feel thin, however for me longevity is medium – one that I would top up midway through my day.

Ainslie Walker, Paul WellerAinslie with Paul Weller

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A year ago I reviewed Miu Miu, another feline involving fragrance – a kitten was used in the adverts. Are we seeing a ‘cat lady’ trend forming?

Have you tried this new release? Have you any other fragrances with a feline theme? Purrrrrr!

Until next time! XX Ainslie XX

(Ed: All photos by Ainslie unless otherwise noted. Cool pics love. XX)

Ps a little English Rose song by “my mate” Paul Weller for you to enjoy whilst reading:

10 thoughts on “Grace by Grace Coddington and Comme des Garcons 2016

  1. Hey Ainslie,
    Great post. How freaking cool are you with Paul Weller? Heart throb.
    These bottles remind me too much of Katy Perry. It’s just a bit too close for comfort.
    Portia xx


  2. Hello Cat Lady!
    The bottles are darling – but so much like Katy Perry. The only other feline themed frag I can think of at the moment is Sex Panther 🙂 Lovely review – What a strange image – “a rose growing on another planet”! and the photo is gorgeous. Thank you for the music too. Paul Weller is still so “mod”!
    Azar xx


  3. the cap has surprised me. From the press pictures, I thought cap is transparent plastic or glass. I must see silver doesn’t look as good as a transparent cap would have.


  4. Sooooo long to wait and for me disappointing in the end. Coddington is such a daring figure with incredible creative energy. This feels mundane in comparison… Nice fresh rose with a bit of a zingy opening then just generic. Wah!


  5. Agree with The Accords. It opens like Paul Smith the rose but then very quickly fizzles out. Generic Chemist Warehouse product in a luxe, stylish bottle.


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