CQ Christmas/New Year Run Down with Vero + Guerlain


Val the Cookie Queen


Happy New Year APJ Readers. Glad you made it.

Following a brilliant Christmas week with friends and family I got a fever. After eighteen years of running my business, and more than five years of The Cookie Run I called in sick and gave myself a week off. I was so excited to have a nine days on the sofa with telly and books you can´t imagine. Of course I have been unwell before but I self medicate with Advil and various forms of caffeine, hot or cold, and carry on. BUT a fever is a different kettle-of-fish and I took that seriously.

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CQ Christmas/New Year Run Down with Vero + Guerlain


Christmas Week and Post Sickness Scents, including a Nasal Mystery.

In the days leading up to Christmas, and immediately afterwards I wore Vero Profumo´s Mito Extrait, a lot of the limited edition Chanel N°5 body oil
(absolutely to die for, stronger than an EdP), a decent amount of N°5 Parfum,and couple of good hits of Lutens La Myrrhe. Christmas Day I over-sprayed
Guerlain´s Vega, and wished I had a bottle of the stuff.

And then I had five proper sick days and couldn´t smell or taste a bloody thing. Not even the Italian menthol and licorice cure everything including leprosy throat lozenges. Nada. But lurking on a shelf in BlondesWunder`s bedroom was a box with a LUSH Tubereuse Kryptonite bath bomb in it. I could smell that
I promise you. So weird. It smelled the same pre, during and post sickness. Very mysterious don´t cha think?

Perfumistas’ evil eyes will no doubt notice the exquisite enameled blue and white spray in my photo. As I was getting better it turned up in the post,
a total surprise from a dear friend. It´s Mitsouko Parfum. I am perhaps the last person to find out how drop-dead gorgeous it is, but better late than never.
I may just have joined the snotty ranks of the “Oh no I couldn`t possibly, I only wear vintage Guerlain you know!” brigade.

I received samples of the Dusita perfume line in the post and I am curious to try them as and when I muster up the courage.

Official Naja pic.


After a host of technical challenges, and it has been quite a ride, Vero Profumo´s NAJA will be launched. No precise date yet.
I will be meeting up with Portia and we are gonna go Italian together. Watch this space.
It is gonna be the year that I try attars. A whole new ball game for me.
And I am getting two more stores to supply with cookies. February and September.

2017. We´ll enjoy the ride together. What are you looking forward to?

Bath Bomb Bussis
CQ xxx

Official Naja pic. Done by: Kasia Jackowska @tierlirevolution Snake ring by Ania Anka Krystyniak.
All other photos donated and taken by Val the Cookie Quieen. Thanks love XXX

22 thoughts on “CQ Christmas/New Year Run Down with Vero + Guerlain

  1. Hi Queen of All Cookies,

    Glad you’re feeling better now. I like the sound of that tuberose bath bomb! I have a Dusita to review- Issara. I like it lots and will be reviewing soon.
    Have a bloody fantastic 2017 Val
    love Sam xxx


    • I can only hope we get to meet up again Sam, and I publicly announce I will only hang out with the Welsh Women this time. Our sniffing adventures are such fun but I seem to walk around in a coma the whole time. Should be home in May …….. xxxxxxx


  2. Lovely post of highs and lows.
    You can smell a Lush store from 100 paces so no wonder.
    So excited for Naja to land this year.
    I keep meaning to read something by Chimamanda. Did you enjoy Americanah?


    • Hi Tara! Yes, I loved Americanah, it is a wonderful book. I am so excited about Naja myself, and cannot wait to hold a bottle of the damn stuff in my hands!!! xxxx


  3. That photo you took is like the High Court of niche with the highest level of designer. Great shot.
    So glad you loved the Mitsouko Val, it’s about time you got serious about scent. Ducking.
    Love you to bits.
    Great post.
    Portia xx


  4. I’m always looking forward to something, that’s me ! Right now I’m looking forward to warm weather. I can’t stand the cold for more than a few weeks and then I need a change. Right now I want to be on a tropical beach. I have a nice trip planned for 2017 but I’ll start rejoicing when the tickets will be bought…
    Perfume-wise I’m looking forward to the Zoologist line samples and Galop d’Hermes. It still has not arrived in our shops.
    I hope all your wishes for 2017 will come true.


    • Hello Neva! Happy New Year. Oh yeah, Galop is something to look forward to, it´s gorgeous. I bought a bottle. Although it does seem to be quite divisive amongst the perfumista community. I doubt Hermès ares too much t hough. I am excited to wear it in warmer weather as it has been a winter staple. Trip where? I await more info. Nice to see you. xxxxx


  5. I am REALLY excited about Naja. I hear there will also be a new foresty Papillon Perfumery scent. And of course whatever lovelies Andy Tauer offers us. Other than that, just looking forward to summer!


    • Tara! Now that Ih know where you live, I will pay no attention to the looking forward to summer bit, as you live in a perpetual paradise, even if the winters are a little cooler than the summers!! But yeah, me too, looking forward to spring and the reawakening it brings. Out temperatures over the last few days have gone down to minus 15°c in the night here, and up to minus 26°c or so in the higher mountains. Fresh. Good air. But it can go now. Hugs. xxxxx


      • I don’live in CA year round, it’s just my winter hideout. The rest of the year I live in Canada, so I am well-acquianted with real winters. 🙂


    • Hi Sandra! Although there is generally an argument as to whether a perfumer is an artist or not, to me, Vero is. Her or i so completely and utterly different to anything else I have ever come across I have to also fit tint another compartment. One of the reasons I have the whole collection. It would seem like puzzle missing a piece otherwise. And there is a hole waiting for Naja. Bussis. xxxx


  6. Val! So glad you kicked that nasty illness in the cojones and are feeling better. And yes, that Chanel body oil is to. die. for. The end.

    Ps…. I love that LUSH tuberose, and also the Yoga Bomb, but it does leave an oily tub as well as a beautifully oiled body! Xoxo


    • Hi Robert! Isn´t it? I have never had such a beautiful oil. Absolutely fabulous, I cant wait until the summer to use it on my legs!! Dunno about the tuberrose ……. I might be damaged now. 😉 Hugs, xxxxxxxxx


  7. Nine days? I can! I can imagine! I just had my first nine days of doing almost nothing work-related in many-many years AND I wasn’t even sick (and I’m sorry that you were, but glad that you’re feeling better).

    I really look forward to this year to be at least not worse than 2016 – and that’s it, I’m not even asking for more. Perfume-wise, I want to try the newest Neela’s perfume, look forward to Vero’s one and probably should get to try Dusita since everybody is raving about them.


    • Dearest Undina! Hi. 🙂 Rahele is absolutely worth seeking out when you can, (or maybe I can grab little in Milan and send it to you) Hint: I am not raving about anything. 😉
      I wouldn´t mind a year off, but hope that I will get the desperate urge to bake back as soon as possible! hahahahahaha. I baked on Monday, but it then took all day Tuesday to get over it. Oh well. Lots of love to all of you, Val. xxxx


    • Hey Poodle. So good to see you, as ever. 🙂 I enjoyed the fever, but the time to recover, and I still am, is not quite so much fun.l Can´t believe I feel so rubbish. One step forward, two steps backwards, but we´re getting there!! xxx


  8. Glad you’re feeling better Val! I love nothing more than a few days off and time to read , that and perfume are my luxuries for real😍The Chanel No 5 body oil, can’t stop thinking about it, and wondering where I can get some!


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