Scent Diary: 30.1 – 5.2.17: Sample Week




Hey Crew,

So it’s Monday and I just realised last night I’m going on a cruise on Saturday. By the time you read this I’ll be deep in the South Pacific living it up. It was a mad scramble, as always, so the posts will be scarce. Not empty but less full definitely.

Sample Week Scent Diary 30.1 – 5.2.17

Monday 30:

Woke up this morning in a panic. I’m leaving on Saturday for the South Pacific Cruise and NOTHING is organised for my trip. I have to write 3 weeks of Trivia Q&A and get the blog set so you all have something to read while I’m off. It’s sample week so I did a huge 12 spritz of Atelier Cologne Camelia Intrepide. Very pretty floral tea scent, a creamy tea. Super fresh but comforting and with enough bells and whistles that I’m kept interested while writing Q&A. I spent so long at the computer my eyes went googly.

Then, because I was at the end of my tether, Kath, Alice, Jin & I went and tried a new pizza place that wins prizes in Napoli. The food was really good but it was just too hot to have any fun. I thought Jin was going to expire.

Having just had the most fabulous cold Lolita Lempicka bubble bath I decided to spritz Annick Goutal Les Colognes Neroli. About 2ml of it. Pithy orange peel and maybe cardamom?
One downer is that I’ll probably only get one more bubble bath from the LL.
More Trivia Q&A and off to bed in another glorious cloud of Annick Goutal Les Colognes Neroli, and that’s my 5ml done.

Tuesday 31:

OMG! So freaking hot. We let the dogs sleep inside with us last night. They’re well behaved and quiet on their inside beds. I took a couple of pics for Undina from Undina’s Looking Glass, hope you like them. BTW It’s Undina’s 6th blog-versary. Drop on over and say hi, you’ll get to meet her handsome owner Rusty.
Jinx (Jin’s dog) is the top shot and he’s saying, “Leave me to sleep please Daddy.”
Paris (my baby) is already awake and chewing his newest rope toy. Few things make him so happy as a new toy.

Jin surprised me with pancakes for breakfast, made from scratch and served with brown sugar and lemon juice. MY FAVOURITE!!! This is the Sunday dinner Mum used to make us when she ran out of money. We never knew and thought it was the biggest treat ever, still do. Look how pleased Jin is at making such a surprise. He’s having Maple Syrup on his.

I had to go get my sea sick pills, sleeping tablets, sunscreen and ginger tablets for the cruise. While I was there I grabbed a tetanus injection too, just in case. He took my heart rate and was so surprised at how perfect it was and then asked me to weigh myself which was only 113KGs. I was expecting 125KGs. So though I’m no skinny Minnie it felt like a real win. Anyway, as I was waiting for my script to be filled I noticed this Elizabeth Arden Cherry Blossom Green Tea tester and as I was scent naked proceeded to give myself 6 big blasts. Punching well above its $10/50ml price tag I found it a lovely dry floral tea. It gives me the same ache in the back of my throat that a cuppa of Green Tea does and smells quietly creamy and refreshing. Sadly it was gone after an hour but for that money…. NOPE. I did not purchase.

Tonight for work emptied a sample vial of Emeraude Agar by Atelier Cologne on my arms & chest. Opening very pepper & bro-woods generic, dry down is lovely salty driftwood and creamy sandalwood. I can’t believe it has ended up so gorgeous. Review to follow. 6 hours later I’m still gorgeously fragrant.
Sending off a sample of Oriza Legrand Reve d’Ossian and while making up the pack gave myself a spritz. Perfectly posed Catholic liturgical incense BOMB! Love it. Why didn’t this beauty get more love?

Wednesday 1:

Today is all about getting stuff done. All the invoices, postage, tidying the house and doing the laundry pre-holiday. All of it today. This morning I’m wearing Black Afghan by Mad et Len, a pepper rich, woodsy oudh. It came in a LuckyScent Sample Pack. Review to follow.

In the afternoon I decided something cooler was in order and recently I had an Amouage Opus III arrive. When these beauties first came out I found them less than thrilling. In a full 180 degree turn I now I seem to have suddenly realised their magic, since falling so heavily for IX & X. IX being a full retail purchase last year, couldn’t wait because I loved it so much. Opus III is a chunky violet/waxy/lipstick, smoke and hairspray fragrance and a fair whack of green/resinous animalics.

Duck dinner with TinaG & Alice (A F Beauty) because I’m cruising on Saturday. We had soups, a whole duck as pancakes and then San Choy Bow, desserts. Excellent farewell. Jin has officially stolen my L‘Occitane Cedrat L’Homme and it smells terrific on him. An aquatic wood, yum.

Thursday 2:

Cleaned the house, washed the linen and some last minute clothes, blogged and organised and did stuff that took forever but feels like I’ve only slightly dented the list. Have worn so much fragrance today for blogging purposes and now at 4pm I’m sitting in the middle of a fog of Surrender, the Dominique Durban creation for Surrender To Chance. BLOODY HELL! It’s the thickest, most chewy jasmine I ever smelled, unbelievable petrochemical opening that becomes this incredible jasmine soliflore. You MUST get some.

Friday 3:

FINISHED all posts for APJ while I’m gone by 10am, that’s about 5 hours ahead of my planned schedule. BIG relief.
Fragrantly I’m wearing Spiritus/Land by Miller & Bertaux. Ginger, pepper, incense and woods. It’s beautiful. This crew is woefully unrecognised for their lovely work.
Now some minor cleaning, packing and organising. Tonight Jin & I are going to wander down the road to town and get some dinner, maybe have a wine, come back here and snuggle on the couch watching TV.
Here are my Travel Fragrances for the cruise….


Back:Mohur EdPDivine EdP, Mitsouko EdT, Vaninger, Stash, Miss Dior parfum, Niki de Saint Phalle EdT, Bombay Bling EdP
Front: Epice Marine, Cuir d’Ange

You’ll notice every one of these is a manufacturer travel size of 30ml or less. Please take note perfume creators. If you make it small, I will buy it. 15 – 30ml is perfect for travel, respritzing and having handily in handbag or backpack.

Saturday 4:


Sunday 5:



8 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 30.1 – 5.2.17: Sample Week

  1. Love your pictures, Portia. Your dogs are beautiful and Jin is so handsome. Thanks for sharing. I’m testing some Lutens this week that I missed somehow, Chene and Boxeuses, maybe another one.

    Finally, as an American, I feel the need to apologize for the boorish behavior of our ‘alleged’ president. That fool does NOT speak for me. I love Australia and Aussies. You are so much smarter than Americans in many ways. You have gun laws, for instance! All I can say is about 40% of Americans apparently incapable of rational thought and the rest of us are trying to reclaim our nation from the hands of mentally ill boors and authoritarians.


  2. Pancakes with sugar and lemon juice – my favourite!!! My grandma used to do them the same way and I never heard of anyone else ever eating this combination. I’m so happy (and surprised) to hear that your mum did it the same way :-)Jin is an angel for remembering the things you love and doing them for you.
    I haven’t tried the two Atelier Colognes you mention. No wonder, there are so many meanwhile, but both sound beautiful. I always find something new to love from AC. Right now it’s Jasmin Angelique.
    I hope you enjoy the cruise and can’t wait to hear your impressions.


  3. Had not heard of the brown sugar-lemon juice combo on pancakes before (though my mom makes her own maple-flavored syrup). Lovely to see your dogglies! Please scritch them behind the ears for me when you get home.

    I bought a $10 bottle of Eliz Arden Green Tea Yuzu last summer and it works like cologne for me in the hot months. Only lasts an hour, yeah, but I don’t mind respritzing at that price point. How much is 4711, anyway?

    I’m just home from a small vacation myself, and I thought Hunter-doggle was going to wag his entire butt off when we got into the house. I’m off to wash a BUNCHA laundry now. xo.


  4. This Kiwi’s mum also treated us to pancakes, lemon and brown sugar in the weekends! I still try to con her into it today despite being (allegedly) a grownup.

    Miller & Bertaux’ Parfum Trouvé is the first niche perfume I really tried, the one that made me go “HELL-lo!”, the one that sent me down the rabbit hole and the one I still turn to today. Now you have reminded me I don’t know their other fragrances (I never see the brand around) but I must remedy that.

    And ‘bro-woods generic’ is sheer genius!


  5. Bon voyage, it was a treat to see your travel fragrances, especially the 15 ml Hermes bottles. Love those. You will smell fab and deserve the travel treat. I am like you, I set myself up with a long list of things to do, especially laundry, before a trip so I come home to a lighter load of chores.

    Wonderful seeing the pups and glad things turned out ok in the end. Doggies can be naughty, perhaps part of why we love them so.

    I can happily remember how my mum also made pancakes for dinner when the food budget went bust. We children loved eating them with melted butter and heaps of powdered/confectioner’s/icing sugar. Sweet memories.


  6. Hi Portia, just wanted to wish you all the best for a wonderful, fun, relaxing trip. And thank you for the pics of your and Jin’s beautiful babies – they’re just perfect! xo


  7. Hello gorgeous.
    Thank you for giving us snap shots into your fab life…
    Have a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to see photos of your cruise and read all the stories.
    XXX… T


  8. I also keep repeating everywhere that we need more small bottles: I am buying those even with the higher per ml price instead of doing cheaper decants.

    Enjoy your cruise! You’ll smell great! And I’m glad that several of my favorites get to spend some time on a vacation 🙂


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