Calligraphy Rose by Trudi Loren for Aramis 2013




Hey APJ,

I remember wanting this trilogy so bad when they came out but somehow they never made it into the final buy. Recently a friend sent me a large sample in with a bottle I bought and I thought it might be fun to take a look at it now after four more years to see if it’s still on the list. Especially now that the discounters have it for a song.

Calligraphy Rose by Aramis 2013

Calligraphy Rose by Trudi Loren

Calligraphy Rose Aramis FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Oregano, saffron, honeysuckle
Heart: Turkish rose, myrrh, styrax, lavender
Base: Labdanum, musk, ambergris, olibanum

The opening of Calligraphy rose is very much like Turkish Delight. A soft rosewater jelly rolled in sugar, beautiful. This impression doesn’t last very long before the fragrance turns very rose, a clean, green, dry, tea rose. It’s sweet but not sickly, the perfect balance. Sheer but fragrant and not something you’d expect from the mass market. It also tackles the Middle East in a very soft and gentle manner without any of the usual hyper-masculine oud and woods attached to the rose.

Calligraphy Rose Aramis SevenSeventyFive FlickrFlickr

In Calligraphy Rose the resins and rose join seamlessly and the humanity is very clean. I’m imagining, from my zero experience of such things other than through literature and TV, this is what a freshly washed woman in the harem or zenana would smell like. It’s a hairless fleshiness, overlaid with spicy resins and rosewater. A cool sensuality that I would love to smell on a man. On the average Aussie guy Calligraphy Rose would be totally unexpected and a delightful surprise. Also, thinking of the hours of work and the way fragrance melds with the bodies own fragrant offerings it would add dimensions undreamed of.

Calligraphy Rose Aramis Senior_wives_chaupar_1790 WikiCommonsWikiCommons

Like most Aramis scents the longevity is excellent and projection very good for the first few hours. I wish more men smelled like this.

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FragranceNet has around $50/100ml

Did you try or buy this one?
Portia xx

18 thoughts on “Calligraphy Rose by Trudi Loren for Aramis 2013

  1. I have this and I love it! I don’t wear it often but it is an excellent rose and truly unisex. I think it’s a nice, warm rose to wear in the autumn and winter, as I usually prefer greener roses in the spring and summer.


    • Hey there Old Herbaceous,
      This is my problem. Though I love Calligraphy Rose, will I reach for it? There are a LOT of roses in my collection and only about 5 of them ever get worn, though all of them are beautiful and wearable etc.
      Portia xx


      • Valid question for us all, lol! I am lucky to have two daughters who will happily wear under-used fragrances from my collection, so I don’t feel too wasteful. Truth be told, their use doesn’t keep pace with my acquisitions, but it salves my guilty conscience. And hey, collecting fragrances is a minor and cheap vice compared to some I don’t have! I would go ahead and get your full bottle of Calligraphy Rose now, as it is discontinued and may either vanish or become astronomically over-priced.


  2. I blind bought it and swapped it away, didn’t care for it. Can’t recall exactly what I didn’t like about it but it wasn’t for me.


    • Hey TaraC,
      Best thing to do with a frag that you don’t adore. There’s far too much to love in our collections.
      Portia xx


    • Hey Fazal,
      Maybe that’s why I love not so much. All that resinous goodness gets me every time.
      Portia xx


  3. One of my favorite rose based perfume from the house of Aramis! Garner compliments by wearing this juice. I have a backup bottle too.


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