Scent Diary: 24.9 – 30.9.2018




Hey there APJ Crew,

It’s official. I am now HAWAII. Yes, I’ve reached the 50th state of birthdays. What a week. Saw so many people, did wonderful things, wore ALL the perfumes and had Aunty Tracey down to stay. This week has been one of the very good ones. Almost every day looking around at the people in my life it is the happiest of surprises how wonderful they all are. Every one of them with some divine spark. It is the people around us that bless us.

Scent Diary: 24.9 – 30.9.2018

Monday 24:

We need to have a chat. I have been moved far beyond my regular reading emotional roller coaster. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe By Benjamin Alire Sáenz was unbelievably good. It’s written in a youthful fashion, so deep and illuminating, written in such an easy style. No wonder it’s won just about every award going and been a NYT Bestseller. The book is practically flawless. Read it.
The perfect gift from Tara at A Bottled Rose

I just finished reading it. Throughout my read I have been pushed to laugh AND cry on public transport (and at home). It has made me examine my own motivations and the inculcated homophobia we are all brought up with, friendship, family, internalising anger and unspoken things. PHWOAR! Mind officially blown.

So, as a little party for enjoying this book so much. 2.30am spritz of Masque Milano Russian Tea.

This morning has dawned cool and cloudy. it was brisk walking the dogs and I decided to go an extra block to warm up. Lovely.

Wearing Oliver & Co Resina. Sweet and warming for a surprise cool snap.

Lunch with BFF Kath and Jin.

Home made dumplings. Jin made the filling and we both spend a very happy couple of hours wrapping the dumplings. Dinner with Dame Hilda, one of our local buddies. The dumplings were a huge hit.


Tuesday 25:

Midnight. Full moon. Jin gave me my birthday presents. SO spoiled. New Oroton trifold wallet, pillow for bed and a set of fairy lights. Two things I’ll use every day and a silly fabulous present for the balcony. He gets me.

Finished Trivia Q&A at nearly 3am.

SOTBed: Parfumerie Generale Drama Nuui from a decant. ALL the jasmine. MMMMMM

Jin was up early and off to the doctor. I took the opportunity to have the place to myself and cleaned the house. PHEW! Feels so much better when it’s had a vacuum, dust and the bathrooms are cleaned. Even got down and washed the kitchen floor.

Dior Granville was my 50th birthday fragrance choice for the morning. I love its cologne-esque softness. Perfect for a warm spring day with Jin and I.

We got in the car and a guy came running over to apologise. He’d backed into Jin’s car and badly damaged the front of it. Poor Jin, his brand spanking new car.

Jin had said we were going for Morning Tea but wouldn’t say where. It turns out Featherdale Wildlife Farm was our destination. We had junk food and coffees, wandered through the animals and birds for a couple of hours. I patted a wallaby and had a photo taken with a Koala. Jin, the light and love of my life, bought us each a years Featherdale Membership. BEST PRESENT!

When we got home I jumped out of the car and Jin was backing it into the garage. Somehow I hit the Garage Door close button and it hit the full sunroof of Jin’s car and smashed it, flipped the mobile connection off and caused the biggest bang and smash ever. O M G! From not having a car claim for years he now has two in one day. BIG DRAMA! We had to go get him a hire car while it gets fixed.

After all that I jumped in the bath.

SOTAfternoon The Aoud by Mancera

Had a nap. Aunty Tracey arrived for the B0th Birthday Celebrations.

Got ready for work.

SOTWork: Vintage YSL Opium Secret de Parfum (EdP). LOADS of compliments.

Trivia was great. A bunch of the crew came to play. We had chocolate cake at half time and everyone had a ball.

Chatting with Aunty Tracey till it was time for bed.

Wednesday 26:

Wearing Guerlain Shalimar EdP this morning. It’s drizzling with rain and a bit cooler. Loving it.

Aunty Tracey and I are spending the morning around the house. I’m feeling very lazy for my first day of 50 so I’ll take it a bit slow.

We went shopping for food and greeting cards at the huge Parramatta Westfield.  Poor Aunty Tracey had to wander kms to get all over the joint. I forget how far everything is until I have a senior to navigate it with. We might have had a quick KFC burger for lunch.

Then we popped in to Kath’s Mum and Dad’s place for a 50th Birthday Celebration. We had some coffee and a birthday cake. They gave me the most gorgeous orange red rose that has a very peppery sweet fragrance. So wonderful.

Home for a quick nap and a triple spritz of Un Jardin Apres la Mousson Hermès before going off to work.

We had 11 tables at the start of tonight. Excellent turnout considering the rain and cold. My mate Wendy and her team won the night. YAY>

While I was working Jin and Aunty Tracey went to their favourite Seafood Restaurant and ate up big, downed a couple of bottles of wine and came home happily shitfaced. So cute.

Back home and walked the dogs. Had a cuppa and a hearty belly laugh with Aunty Tracey. She is hilarious. Mocking me mercilessly.

SOTBed: Hypær by Aether Parfums 2018 from a decant. Soft, cuddly, warm skin with a sandalwood fragrance on.

Thursday 27:

Aunty Tracey and I had Bacon Sandwiches for breakfast. MMMMMMM

Jessica Mauboy Beautiful. I LOVE THIS SHIT!

My mate Vanessa Musson from Bonkers About Perfume is a world class knitter and I had her make me some beanies and a scarf. The arrived and we are proudly wearing them to keep our heads warm and toasty.

We went for a wander down to the shops to get the mail and tonights dinner.

Had a nap

Woke up and  spritzed some Oud Spirit by Grandawood.

Jin came home and Aunty Tracey,  Jin and I had Korean BarBQ on the new table grill at home. It was utterly delicious and so good to hang out together. I love our home and any time we spend here is good time, especially eating. HA!

Jin went off to bed and Aunty Tracey and I watched Welsh Cabin Building on TV.

Stayed up fumbling around the computer, reading, commenting, searching. You know how it is.

SOTBed: Tonkamande by Pierre Guillaume Private Collection. Sweet stuff .

Friday 28:

It’s hot today. Walking the dogs was quite heating.

While we were out doing some shopping I tried SJP Stash Unspoken again (very nice, punching well above its priceline) and Michael Bublé’s Gold Girl (GAK! It seems to have lodged itself in my nose and is eating my head from the inside. AAARRGGHHHHH).

Introduced Aunty Tracey to Gozleme! We had a Cheese and Spinach one for morning tea on our wanderings. Drenched in fresh squeezed lemmon. So delicious. She is a new fan.

Dinner with the crew. 11 hungry peeps had Chinese around the corner from our place. It was so much fun. We ordered for the table and had enormous amounts of everything. Still it ended up being about $25 each which includes they all paid for me because it was my birthday. WOO HOO!

After Scott, Hyun, Steve and I wandered up the street and got ice cream. Perfect night.

Saturday 29:

SOTDay: Amouage Ubar

Up early and went back to Featherdale to see the first Saltwater Crocodile fading of the season. It was suitably impressive. Aunty Tracey got to feed some kangaroos and Wallabies. I love it there. So fun.

Lunch with BFF Kath, Aunty Tracey, Tim and me. We headed down to Blue Fish in Darling Harbour. They do my favourite Fish & Chips. The view is spectacular and we know the guys that work there and run it. Always a fab meal. Today we spent most of the time laughing in between food. At one point I thought Tim was going to choke on his laughter, hilarious.

Off to an afternoon sniffy. The gang had been there since 3pm and we arrived after they had sniffed hundreds of fragrances and had a few drinks. Everyone was most congenial and friendly (they always are). Aunty Tracey and Tim met old friends Scotty, Kerry & Simon, TinaG and Michael. We also saw Clare, her husband Greg and Joe. These last two men are new to me but I did get to have a chat with them both. It’s always good to meet new friends.

These two photos are off Kerri C’s phone. One taken by her and one by TinaG. Yes, I’m a bloody fool, there’s always one.

Went home and watched ZOO. It’s a new to me TV show about the animals taking over the world. Interesting.

SOTBed: Neela Vermeire Creations Pichola. What a lovely way to drift off to sleep.

Sunday 30:

Poor old Jin has hurt his back a bit and asked me to Dencorub him. That is my SOTDay. Dencorub. I love the smell.

Aunty Tracey, Jin and I went for brunch to Jin’s favourite Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Pasteur. You’d NEVER walk in here unless someone told you how good it is. It looks so tired and joyless. The waitstaff act like they’d rather be anywhere else, and couldn’t care less if you never came back. The food is spectacular though, seriously wonderful. They know it and charge accordingly. Worth every cent.

Afterwards we went to Max Brenner for Hot Chocolate MMMMMMMMM. Then Aunty Tracey jumped on the train and headed to the airport for her journey home.

This house is so quiet without her. I miss her cheery non stop babble. We’ll have to get her back soon.

Trivia was cancelled at Austral Bowling Club tonight because of the NRL Grand Final. It’s sad but means I can drop round and see BFF Kath at Mum & Dads place. YAY! We did some gardening, had a coffee and chattered away an hour or so. Perfect end to a wonderful week.

SOTAfternoon: The Different Company Adjatay. Still a stinking good fragrance but I wish I’d bought the bottle before the reform.

Watching ZOO. Lying on the couch cuddling the dogs. HAPPY DAYS.


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

35 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 24.9 – 30.9.2018

  1. Oh Portia! You darling, funny, sweet Libra-a very happy birthday to you and many, many more! The world is a better place for you being in it. ❤


  2. What a fantastic birthday week you have had, P!!! Now you are on to another beautiful half century!!! Congrats!
    Can I borrow Jin for those homemade dumplings 😉 ?
    Insane work week for me coupled with not so great nights of sleep. The highlight was my 1000 Flowers package and being able to douse myself in Reglisse Noire (yes, I have drained 1/5 of the bottle in less than a week-LOL!) and a surprise package of mini bottles and samples from a fellow perfumista…perfume peeps are the best!


    • Im addicted to it too. Wonderful discovery this summer in Grasse! Got a spray but will need a bottle at some point😀


      • oh Mariann! Did you actually get to the brick and mortar store and meet Jessica September Buchanan (the perfumer and owner) ? I am envious 🙂 Yes, do get your hands on a full bottle. You won’t regret it.

        I find this artisanal line to be so under the radar and overlooked. I hope that will change.


  3. What a fab birthday week you had.Family,friends and lots to eat and drink. Lots of delicious sounding perfume as well.
    I’ve got a bottle of Stash Unspoken. I’m glad you like it. It certainly smells a lot more expensive than the actual cost. A good cheapie. XX


  4. What a week. I just love the fairy lights pressie, aren’t they just the best invention. You know what I was thinking. . . Now that you’re in Da 5 ohh Club you’re gonna have to dress appropriately. So, no more fancy, bright and sparkly costumes for you. Oh dear me, no. You have to go shopping for sensible stuff now, tweedy pleated skirts and twin-sets and pearls, with a nice headscarf. And brown flats, no more high heels. And no over-the-top makeup, less is more. Your trivia teams wouldn’t know what hit them!
    Bummer for your car troubles, it’s such bad luck it’s almost funny. Bet the air was blue after the garage door incident. I find that crappy luck happens in threes, so take care.
    My week was uneventful. I’m on a self-imposed no-buy since Monday or Tuesday.
    Then yesterday happened☺️ But it’s not my fault! The internet made me do it! Up popped a large decant of Fougere Bengale that I have been wanting since you sent me a sample. There was only one available so what was I to do.? So it’s YOUR fault as well. You shouldn’t send me beautiful things that I may want more of. But i am getting back on the no-buy wagon now. I promise😚

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow Portia, what a freakin fabulous 50th birthday week. It was so good to live it with you through this post. Next best thing. I enjoyed it even more because I know Featherdale and Blue Fish and so many of your brilliant friends – not to mention the wonder that is Aunty Tracey. Really happy you had such a stellar week and that the book I sent you played a small part. Just thinking about the gorgeous parents, let alone those boys, makes me want to well up. Total 5 star read. I hope people check it out.


    • Tara,
      The ONLY thing that could have made my Birthday even better would be YOU in Sydney.
      EVERYONE sends their love and we all talked about you and the new place and your lovely self.
      Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe By Benjamin Alire Sáenz! O M G! So yes. Currently reading Song of Achilles now. Also a bloody ripper of a read.
      Thank you.
      Portia xx

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m happy to read about your fabulous birthday week (other than the car issues) and best wishes for your best year yet! I turned 50 last year, and although I prefer to think of us as ageless (the number doesn’t matter), 50’s are a great place to be in life. You are Rich with love and good friends in your life!
    I love the photo of you and the Koala and that you can visit the Farm all year. I spend an afternoon last weekend at a horse rescue ranch with many different animals, very spiritual and beautiful are the animals. I wore Menditorossa Rituale. My bottle of Boucheron Trouble EDP arrived yesterday, and it is as beautiful as I remember! The scent immediately took me back to 2005ish and felt so familiar. I can’t thank you enough for reminding me of this gem that I had completely forgotten about. xoxo


    • Hey Kathleen,
      I lover that there are hotse rescue places.I bet it was heartbreaking as well as happy.
      Oh yes, my wealth is indeed the wonderful friends and chosen family around. They are the best.
      Woo Hoo! I’m so glad you’re loving your Trouble. SO GOOD!
      Portia xx


  7. What a glorious week! I am so glad you had such lovely birthdaying. Love the fairy lights gift (one of my very favourite things is a six foot tall fake cherry tree with little LED fairy lights in each blossom! It was a un-Xmas tree that now lives full time in our sitting room, and makes me absurdly happy.)

    A quiet week here–except for last night which was a triple birthday party for some friends, with masses of catching up, star guests of two big lurcher doggos, excellent cake, and a lot of chat. Fun to dress up and break out full slap, too, after being in gym kit and scruff 24/7. Today, decompressing, writing a little.


  8. I did a re-take thinking that you and Undina are in Hawaii together and then it all became clear – you turned 50 – Happy Birthday, albeit belated! I will check out the book recommendation. That picture of you and the koala is priceless! I don’t think I have ever really focused on their size but next to you, the koala looked enormous (I thought they were much smaller). Thanks for sharing your fabulous week except for the car troubles.


    • Hey there Hajusuuri,
      You know I nearly jumped a plane for my birthday and went Hawaii 50 but we have had a ridiculously exciting year already, more travel to come, and I have to be home at some point to work and run the businesses. Imagine Undina and I in Hawaii together. It would be too wonderful.
      That photo is a little deceiving, the Koala is quite a way ahead of me. They aren’t little but he looks about 1/4 bigger than his true self.
      Jin was upset about the car but it will be back to perfect in a couple of weeks. He has a hire car, no real harm done.
      Portia x


  9. Happy belated birthday from a fellow Libra and a great start to a brand new decade! Nothing better than a great birthday week 🙂


  10. So happy you had a wonderful birthday week, Portia, the incident with the car nonwithstanding. Featherdale seems like a terrific place ( I LOVE koalas!), and the beautiful time you’ve had with your friends and family is one of the greatest gifts itself. Here’s to at least another 50 birthdays as tremendous as this one!

    I’ve had a quiet week. I did finish the Parks & Recreation series and I’m happy to say that the seventh season didn’t disappoint me at all. There’s a hilarious bit about white straight men’s rights being oppressed “since recently”!


    • Hey Diana,
      If you ever come to Australia we will take you to Featherdale, it also never disappoints.
      Hey, have you watched Zoo? I’m finding it very addictive viewing. there are three seasons and I’m about halfway through. A couple of the actors aren’t ever going to be Oscar nominated but the story, drama, adventure has had me on the edge of my seat.
      Portia xx


      • Hi Portia! Now I want to go to Australia more than ever before :)!

        I haven’t even heard of Zoo before you mentioned it, I’ll look it up, sounds great. Oscar-worthy performances are nothing without a good story.


  11. Wonderful birthday celebration with wonderful friends. What could be better? Now that you’ve 50’d you own some real gravitas, Portia. This is the time of life where you actually know stuff. Instead of thinking you know stuff. Congratulations! The next decade will be astounding. Just keep doing you. Do not change. This is the age when we realize that we turned out just the way we were supposed to. Featherdale sounds wonderful! My cup of tea for sure. Crazy about nature, outdoors, animals. Oooo. Green with envy over here! If you are so inclined tell me about the Shalimar EdP you wore on Wednesday. I’m assuming it’s the current formula. How does it compare to a good vintage? I’ve fallen madly in love with it again after some 50+ years. I have a late 80’s and early 90’s version. Both very good (the 90’s one being a bit better/bolder to my nose) but I realized that I will Absolutley need a steady, reliable supply of this. So, I’m looking at the current version and would love your opinion on it. Thanks!


  12. Happy Birthday Portia! 🙂 We so enjoy reading about your adventures from across the world and also I’m very glad no one was hurt in the car incidents. Would love to see a pic of your fun fairy lights once they are hung.


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