Scent Diary: 8.4 – 14.4.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

Wonderful week of fragrance. Everything else was pretty low key. Didn’t get to pool or gym this week and ate less than perfectly. Saw some buddies, hung with Jin and did a bunch of work so my life felt happily rounded without being hectic.

On A Bottled Rose this week I did Portia’s Spring List for the Northern Hemisphere. Go check it out.

WOO HOO! My mate Arielle is doing another fragrance!
Washington, D.C. (April 2019) – Arielle Shoshana is launching a Kickstarter campaign, “The Scent of Sunday,” to create its second fragrance, Arielle Shoshana Sunday. This Kickstarter will crowdfund the development and production of a perfume that smells how Sunday feels: a soft, cozy fragrance that captures the quiet bliss of an extra snooze cycle nestled in warm sheets.
“The Scent of Sunday” Kickstarter campaign will run from April 11, 2019 – May 11, 2019. Arielle Shoshana Sunday is expected to launch in October 2019.

Scent Diary: 8.4 – 14.4.2019

Monday 8:

Woke up at 9am. Accidentally set my alarms for 7.45pm and 7.50pm. GAK! Cue rushing person.

Went to walk the dogs and Paris had already pissed all over the balcony. Bastard! Washed it, wee walked them. Obviously only Jinx needed to go.

SOTMorning: Crème de Cuir by bdk Parfums.

Ran to Service NSW and got my Drivers License renewal for 5 years. Half price because I’m a good driver, only $99! Amazing.

Looked at my calendar and realised I had a booking today!! O M F G! Thank everything that it was a freebee as a guy!!

Ran to Wesley Church at Castle Hill where I host Trivia three or four times a year for the group of elderly people who go there every Monday. They are so grumpy and full of complaints but all meant in a fun way. I love going up and doing it. This is my buddy Dave who organises it every week. Has done for years. They go on outings and have adventures. He’s a saint.

Came home and gave the house a full clean. Dusted, broomed the tiles, vacuumed the house, washed the tiles and cleaned the bathroom. No washing today because I got that done on the weekend. After I cleaned the house I burned some Indian Dhoop and a Grapefruit Candle that Ash gave me when I held the sniffy last week. It’s beautiful.

Realised I’d walked the dogs this morning and was expecting to come home and feed them & give them a proper walk. Fed and walked them around the suburb in the glorious Indian Summer sunshine, 34C. It was delightful and I got my Vitamin D hit.

SOTAfternoon: Alahine by Teo Cabanel

Started my TRIVIA Q&A. Got all the basic bits sorted. Now, at 7.30pm, my mind has turned to mush. I’m taking a break and having a cuppa.

Jin came home with Korean Fried Chicken and Salads. YUMMY! It was nice hanging out and chatting for a couple of hours.

We fed & walked the dogs together. This evening was clear and mild. still 22C at 9.30pm.

SOTEvening: Le Participe Passé by Serge Lutens. New bottle arrived recently and opened on the weekend with Michael Borg. I bought the 100ml because I an going to do an Aussie split, when I get around to it.

I’m supposed to be writing TRIVIA Q&A but got lost in a blog spiral. Suddenly it’s 11pm+.

1am and my TRIVIA Q&A is done and sent. I think they’re pretty good this week.

SOTBed: MORE Le Participe Passé. SO MUCH MORE!

Couldn’t sleep. No reason.

Instead of rolling around I got out of bed and watched some TV.

Awake all night with dozy bits on the couch but no real sleep.

Tuesday 9:

Jin got up at 7am and went to work. I tried to get a bit of sleep after that but it was fitful.

SOTMorning: Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Dog groomer arrived and couldn’t get a park. BUM. Dirty dogs till Monday.

I’m all at 6s and 7s. Going to ignore today and my To Do list and hurumph in front of the TV.

Had a bath. Dyed and saved the beard.

SOTAfternoon: The Aoud by Mancera. My bestie Alice bought me this from Selfridge & CO when the brand was first released. Every time I wear it she flies through my mind happily!

Work was super fun tonight. Scotty’s team Sarge won the $1000 JACPOT! They are so excited.

SOTBed: MORE Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Wednesday 10:

SOTMorning: Leather Oud by DIOR

Up to Central coast

Did a bunch of decants and samples. Sent them off at the Post Office.

Banked some cash.

Visited Scotty.

Home for a cuppa and a relax with the dogs.

SOTEvening: 24 Faubourg by Hermès

Off to work. It was super busy tonight.

Home to relax with Jin. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

SOTBed: 24.09.11 by Hilde Soliani

Thursday 11:

SOTMorning: Vintage Magie Noire by Lancome. PHWOAR! It’s been a long time since wearing this fabulous oak moss laden baby. I love it.

Really lovely cool day here in Parramatta. 17C and cloudy. Loving it.

Jin and I had brunch together. After, he hit the couch and TV, I came and blogged.

Thunked my Fiery Pink Pepper mini by Molton Brown in the bath today. LOVED how it smelled, and bubbled.

Lavishly spritzed my Le 3′ Homme de Caron, also from TinaG.

Off to host BINGO tonight at Lane Cove Country Club.

AWESOME NIGHT! First photo is my new husband Matty. What a spunk, you should see his BODY! Second photo is the staff, aren’t they gorgeous. You can tell they come from money, look at those rich kid teeth. Lastly Joan, the Barbara Cartland of Lane Cove, celebrated her 80th birthday with us.

SOTBed: Divine Edp. YUMMY!

Friday 12:

SOTMorning: Eau Absolue by Mona di Orio

Went to lunch with Maureen and Michelle to the Revolving restaurant at Blacktown Workers. It was an excellent catch up. Loads of stories and laughs. The food was wonderful too. Afterwards we might have thrown a very small amount of money into the pokies ($5 for me). I’m still smiling from it.


SOTAfternoon: Equistrius by Parfum d’Empire

Crashed on the couch with the dogs for a while watching ARROW. I’ve started again at Season 1.

Got on the computer and two hours of my life disappeared on FaceBook. WOW!

Maybe some more ARROW before dinner.

SOTEvening: Silences PdT by Jacomo

Saturday 13:

I was up and about well before Jin this morning so I fed & walked the dogs.

SOTMorning: Blonde by Versace.

Yesterday I put a picture up on facebook of a rugby player I’d hung out with a few years ago who is now saying gays will go to hell. To say it’s gone wild is a complete understatement. At the time of writing it’s had nearly 700 sections and nearly 600 shares. Now the national tabloid newspaper has interviewed me and a whole storm in a teacup has erupted.

We decided to head out for lunch. Jin has the day off. Korean BarBQ in Croydon was the request so we went and ate A LOT!

Came home and went into food comas.

I had been beaten to the spare bed by this naughty greyhound. Jinx was happily ensconced there when I went to have a kip. I made him share.

SOTAfternoon: Eau de Gentian Blanche by Hermès, Green floral with a cool iris and incense heart.

Jin & I hung out together in the afternoon, watching some TV, snoozing, generally enjoying each others company.

We did the grocery shopping, which is a fun thing to do. Obviously it’s more fun when you’re solo and not diabetic because you can just buy shit then go home and eat it. I do like to flirt with the deli staff there but obviously I’m way too old and ugly for them.

Home and I’m getting started on my TRIVIA Q&A because we go on our big honeymoon in three weeks and I hadn’t realised it was so close.

SOTEvening: Pacific Rock Moss by Goldfield & Banks

Sunday 14:

Slept in till 9.30am. Jin and I walked the dogs through the century park across the road together.

SOTDay: Fig Tea by Parfums de Nicolai

We went out for Yum Cha with the crew. It turns out Scotty’s Mum and Michael have adjacent birthdays. A really fun day. We went to IKEA afterwards and wandered around for an hour or so. VERY minor purchases.

Had a gorgeous Bubble Bath when I got home. Dyed and trimmed my beard, became a beautiful woman.

SOTEvening: Amor Amor by Cacharel. A gift from my girlfriend Anna Maria and I wore it for her tonight, then bloody forgot to tell her. Sweet juicy berries over muskiness.

The reason I forgot was this handsome hunk, Craig, who I fell madly in love with and had an excellent laugh with at trivia.

SOTBed: Bachmakov by The Different Company


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

46 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 8.4 – 14.4.2019

  1. Funny you should mention the footy player…Mr B informed me that my perfume mate was in the local paper today. You are famous in Perth!
    My week was spent checking up on very elderly parents which was difficult and a bit sad. Also my father is deaf and refuses to put in the hearing aids. So annoying.
    Where are you going for your honeymoon?


    • Hey JackieB,
      Yeah, I scored a full page in the National Rugby Pages, a heretofore unclimbed peak of fame.
      Old parents are annoying. Enjoy them while they last.
      We have a big trip mapped out: Paris, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Mongolia and South Korea over a nearly 6 week adventure.
      Portia xx


  2. Hey, Portia, what a busy week you had! All your husbands are gorgeous, no surprise here 🙂
    On a darker note: I think those who try to suppress other people’s freedom to love & live the way they want might get a taste of their own medicine, in hell or not. It must be hard to keep fighting this war again and again.

    Spring has finally come! Everything’s in bloom, I’ve changed my winter tyres and dug out my spring clothes. Worked, watched almost the whole second season of the Ministry of Time and started the Russian Doll. It’s got an intriguing premise but that’s all I can say after having seen two episodes.


    • Oh yes Diana, I’ve been lucky on the husbands this week.
      As a woman you understand that to live is to fight for acceptance, safety and equality every day, yeah? It’s exactly the same. Not so much tiring, it’s just what we do ever day to stay above water. Also, the fight must be waged so the next generation can enjoy at least the freedoms that we have.
      YAY for spring. Enjoy your TV.
      Portia xx


  3. Work has been tough. But I smelled amazing this week thanks to perfume packages from AnnieA and my lurking friend. One more unopened package in the basement from our TaraC…I promised her I would wait until my actual bday before I open it…tested around 25 and thunked around 15…. making up for last week’s groundhog day.

    And P, you are neither old not ugly!!!!!


  4. You always have a stuffed-full week, even if you think you’re not doing much at all. You sparked memories with mention of Castle Hill, as that is where we spent some time with hubby’s relatives back in 2000. When I win the lotto I’m defo going back to Sydney. Would love to retrace my footsteps. I’m so happy to see Magie Noire getting the recognition it deserves. That bottle looks suspiciously full, though, you must wear it more often (then you can become a superhero like me). And Versace Blonde, swoon. Your old rugby bud has lost the plot altogether methinks. He has made headlines this side of the world, too, so I know what you’re talking about.I have a relative through marriage that also fell into the deep dark hole of religious mania which resulted in a marriage breakdown and the loss of many friends. I think it’s almost a form of mental illness. They can’t see the wood for the trees. I love your hottie hubbies, haha.
    My own week was fulllll onnn. Work was busy, and in between I was going from one end of the country to the other, but enjoyed every minute of it. Went with my daughter to see a gig on Wednesday and we had the most awesome night out together (a strange man wanted to run away with me but I’m taken). Then back home for a few hours before I took off again to see a performance by my absolute favourite stage actor, Pat Kinevane. This was part of my work week, how good is my job! My critique is full on positive, cannot gush enough about it. Last night was a friend’s 50th and I had friends staying over. My house is full of derelicts today, hee hee, except that I’m not there now, I’m slaving over the keyboard at work. I was a tad naughty earlier and purchased a travel bottle of Casablanca and a sample of Gardeners Glove. My friend is in the US this week and it’s being delivered to the address she’s at, so it was too good of an opportunity to miss. Otherwise I’d be paying out for shipping and would probably get nailed for customs duty and extra postage on this side. I feckin hate getting stung like that. I might be extra naughty and order some Jeffery Dame as well, he’s only down the road from my friend’s address! Wheeeee, I need that lotto win, and soon.
    I have to wrap up on a sad note: My beautiful furry daughter is very very sick, and she’s in her last days now, I think. We have a very tough decision to make as she’s not ever going to recover and I flat out refuse to have her in pain. I may disappear for a few days to recover. The sight of Jinx in bed gave me a chuckle. What a naughty boy he is. Poor Paris though, he must have been bursting cos daddy stayed in bed too late.


    • So sorry about your sweet cat, Cassie!. Do what you gotta do although it’s a tough decision. Sending you airhugs.


    • Sending you hugs cassieflower. We make decisions for our fur babies out of love, but it is so painful for us to let them go when it is time. Thinking of you during this difficult time. xx


        • I understand cassieflower. It is a honor that we can be with our special fur babies to the end and help them transition. Best we can do is Love them through it.


    • Hey Cassieflower,
      Castle Hill! What a fabulous area. So quiet and leafy. They are getting a train connection very soon.
      Woo Hoo for having strange men want to run away with you. It’s a nice feeling eh? Yes, I have been enjoying some handsome men too.
      Sorry to read about your fur baby. Good luck with it.
      Yeah, Jinx has suddenly decided he’s the king of the house. It’s taken nearly three years. Paris knew within a month. They have been pretty perfect all the way through. We know how lucky we are.
      Portia xx


  5. Portia, you are I think a year or two younger than me, so therefore you are not old! And you are beautiful inside and out. I’m sorry for the less than stellar moments of your week. All of our differences and similarities should be embraced and celebrated. And there is no more flattering human trait than kindness.
    My favorite of your fragrance choices this week is Alahine. I need to go put some on now.
    My dog had surgery on his leg for a torn ACL this week. I’ve spent the past few days at home taking care of him, and reading Neil Chapman’s Perfume book and sampling perfume. I received Sylvaine Delacourte’s (perfume creative director at Guerlain) vanilla and musk discovery boxes. 5 of each vanilla and musk based, all gorgeous. It was difficult to choose a winner. Valkyrie was my favorite, a citrus vanilla. I promptly purchased a bottle (30% first order).


      • Florentina and Lilylang were my favorites from the musk collection, and Vahina and Valkyrie were favorites from Vanilla. There were all winners though, so very lovely and well-done. I ordered one full bottle and some of the travel sprays in the other scents. I think they will be beautiful layered as well.


    • HA! In drag entertainer terms I am 1000 years old Kathleen, not worried about it at all. Flirting with the 20 something workers at a grocery store I am also a dinosaur, no problem.
      Yes, the Israel Folau thing. He is saying some pretty detrimental stuff that young people should not have to hear. Homosexuals and Aborigines are Australias highest suicide problem. Disenfranchising them from sport, which is one excellent way to overcome depression, is careless in the extreme.
      YAY for Alahine, what a stunner.
      Poor puppy! That’s a BIG drama for them.
      I’m glad you got to do some lovely stay at home enforced idleness. What a splendid way you chose to spend it.
      Portia xx


      • Bravo for you Portia stepping up and being a leader and a voice of reason.
        Know there are many supporting your fight for equality, fairness, and compassion. xx


  6. Darling Portia, look at that beautiful necklace you are wearing – love it. Your quiz nights must be a hoot! I have my Goldfield and Banks samples to work thru – wore Pacific Moss yesterday.
    Seems the moon is out of place, and the planets out of line here. Work for me is too much and the support I’ve been given (and to train) for two days a week thinks she is better than everyone else and hates boring, mundane admin stuff. Step daughter with a broken heart, sister binge drinking, friend in hospital, demanding monster in-law. As I was flying solo this weekend I treated myself to some cheap and cheery Zara scents, a bottle of my favourite wine, a lovely cheese platter and I started two new knitting projects while I watched season 1 of Tin Star, withTim Roth.
    It’s been a while since I made it here to comment, I usually have time to read but not write. Sending big squishy and scented hugs to everyone who is part of this delightful space here on APJ xxx


    • Hey Melanie,
      Thanks, I do love a mere hint of bling. One day you must come to a Turbo Trivia night. They are fun.
      Woo Hoo! Goldfield & Banks samples. I hope you get some fun out of them and find a real love.
      GAK! Move the non-worker, life sucking moron on and out of your office.
      A litany of family woes, lucky you got away from it all and create yourself. Hopefully you distracted yourself from them all for a while.
      Nice to see you,
      Be well,
      Portia xx


    • You sound like you need a big squishy hug yourself. 🤗Life occasionally throws up shite storms at us. Surround yourself with cuddly frags and enjoy your cheese ‘n’ whine😉


  7. Many great fragrances to comment on. Amor Amor is really well done and should be more popular. I think I had Alahine from Cabanel since it seems the most popular but ultimately decided its not for me so I just kept Oha (I hope I am getting the name correctly) extrait. I recently got versace blonde used extrait and it has almost the same level remaining as yours. i dont have full bottle edt but I did get mini edt. Blonde is huge on tuberose.


    • btw, this rugby player is a moron. I came from a very conservative culture and it still was not hard enough for me to understand that prejudice against LGBT community is a result of ignorance. I am always puzzled how people who have lived in first world countries with more liberal environment cannot seem to understand the simple fact that LGBT people are as normal as straight people. People do not choose their sexuality; they are born with it. How the hell you can judge someone on the basis of how he/she was born? And if you still want to judge, go have a quarrel with your god instead of the LGBT community.


  8. So enjoy reading this weekly post and comments. Portia, don’t forget to take some nibblies, ie dried fruit and nuts, for the train! Hope no-one minds my asking this query – I have a Travalo and would like to change the perfume inside, does anyone know the best way to do this? Travalo says to do it with a tiny spray bottle, but I can’t find one small enough. Have read that vodka does the trick, but how to get it into Travalo? Otherwise I will just change from Philosykos to Soft Lawn and see if anyone notices – hubby certainly won’t!


  9. 24.09.11 is one of the few Hildes that I have yet to sniff. Curious as to your take. Just placed an order with her, she is now offering 10 ml rollerballs of her fragrances, so hard for me to resist.


  10. Love reading your diary, makes me dizzy you move so fast Portia, See you soon, Love Aunt T xx

    On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 10:31 PM Australian Perfume Junkies wrote:

    > AustralianPerfumeJunkies posted: “. Portia . Hey there APJ Crew, Wonderful > week of fragrance. Everything else was pretty low key. Didn’t get to pool > or gym this week and ate less than perfectly. Saw some buddies, hung with > Jin and did a bunch of work so my life felt happily ro” >


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