Scent Diary: 7.10 – 13.10.2019




Hey there APJ Crew,

Gave the perfume room a clean up this week. Created some space and reorganised the two major trays of current favourites. So while I still wore some old favourites you will se a bunch of new and different stuff. Got to hang with a bunch of our mates and had some serious Netflix time. What a lovely week.

Scent Diary: 7.10 – 13.10.2019

Monday 7:

My body woke at about 6am for the toilet but once I was out of bed it was wide awake and ready for the day. I started doing the clothes washing.

SOTMorning: Insolence EdT by Guerlain  from an old bottle

HOW is it Monday again already? The weeks seem to be running together so quickly lately. Only about 10 weeks to CHRISTMAS!! Wasn’t it January only moments ago?

Jin got home from work around 8.30am and I’d already done all our clothes and had moved onto linens.

He went to bed and I hit the computer. Basically wasted 3 hours faffing about.

SOTAfternoon: Elle l’Aime by Lolita Lempicka. I love this kooky, creamy, coconut/vanilla summertime spritz.


Jin got up and groggily went off to work.

CLEANING! Got the house dusted, vacuumed, floor tiles washed (on my hands & knees no less) and my bathroom spotless. Only have the Perfume Room to get today so I can vacuum in here as well.

SOTEvening: 4711 Cologne Reloaded. Bored with the sweet stuff, I needed something to jolt my mind awake. This is the perfect Brain Buzz.

TRIVIA Q&A Finished around 11pm.

Realised I was hungry. Made Savoury Mince!Looks like shit. So freaking delicious.

Did some blogging, social media, made up some PPPs to send out tomorrow.

SOTBed: Fancy Nights by Jessica Simpson. Just refound my bottle! YAY!

Tuesday 8:

Up early.

SOTMorning: Eau de Minthe by Diptyque

Went to the Post Office, took Jin to Samsung to have his phone fixed, visited Scott at work, back to the Post Office, Supermarket shopping.

Woo Hoo! My SELF Birthday Gift arrived! Ormonde Woman! Also a HUGE bunch of the 8ml decants from the Surrender To Chance 8ml run out. They were too good value to pass up.

Also, I saw this and it resonated. Not because it came as a surprise but rather because it’s how I try to live my life always.

Decided to see if I can fake the colour in my beard while in drag, instead of dying. If it works I’ll be bloody chuffed.


SOTAfternoon: Five O’Clock au Gingembre by Serge Lutens. The opening 15 minutes of this fragrance are ravishingly zingy ginger and white flowers, so good.

We were busy again tonight at Parramatta RSL over 70 players! Even got a couple of compliments on my fragrance. YAY!

Home, dogs fed & walked. Short computer time.

SOTBed: Figment Woman by Amouage. Pepper,. saffron, white flowers and a cool wisp of incense. I find this one totally more-ish, that petroleum style tuberose gets me every time. Forget Carnal Flower and Fracas, this is the ATTACK tuberose.

Watched Snowpiercer on Netflix, with Chris Evans. While I didn’t love it, it was an interesting premise. Dystopian future, revolution, etc etc Chris Evans is good in it, as are a couple of the other leads. I reckon the book, Snowpiercer, Vol. 1: The Escape by Jacques Lob would have infinitely more minutiae and would tell the whole story. I’m tempted to read it.

Wednesday 9:

Woken up when Jin came home from work I was surprised how beautifully dark white floral I still smell. MMMMM. Jumped out of bed and fed & walked the dogs. We went for quite a ramble this morning.

SOTMorning: Cuir Amethyste by Armani Prive


TinaG. It’s her birthday this week and I took her presents in for a lunch date. We had Vietnamese and a wonderful catch up. I did good with the shopping too.

Had a sneaky mid week meet up with Alice. First pic is her looking like she’s in a Jeffrey Smart or Edward Hopper painting.


Haircut. Yes, had to get the mess shaved.

BATH! Premier Figuier by L’Artisan Parfumeur BUBBLE BATH!

SOTEvening: Premier Figuier by L’Artisan Parfumeur

Work was really busy again tonight. Even without two of our regular tables we had eight starter tables. Considering that when I took over we were lucky to get three pairs, now there are groups of friends and families that come every week or so.

Home. Walked dogs all over the suburb.

I thought a couple of mates were dropping over. They brought kids and other mates. we ended up with a houseful of merry drunks having a tea party.

Afterwards Jin wanted to fix my motorbike so we hit the garage around midnight and he did some magic. Fingers crossed it will all be perfect by morning. NOPE! Don’t even ask me, I just held the tools and placed the pieces, then handed them back in order.

SOTBed: Ashoka by Neela Vermeire Creations. I wanted to keep the fig theme running but done a bit darker and woodsier. YUMMERS!

THOUGHT I was going to bed but Neela called me at 1.12am. We chattered away an hour and a half laughing so hard and telling stupid stories till I was falling asleep and had to go.

Thursday 10:

Up and at em. Dogs fed & walked.

SOTMorning: Ormonde Woman by Ormonde Jayne.

Went to see my mate Sue for breakfast. Really fun to hang with her and her beautiful fluffy white dog Harry. Some laughs, crumpets, tea and good catch ups on mutual friends etc.  I was having such a fab time completely forgot to take photos.

Home and had a nap. Out like dead people for just over an hour. Heaven.

Jin and I had to go do some repairs at Kath’s place. Nothing too huge. Cutlery drawer front was loose and needed tightening, her kitchen tap had been dripping, towel rail in the bathroom had come adrift and the dishwashing machine leaking.  SUPER JIN to the rescue. Done & dusted in about 1.5 hours.

Train to Circular Quay

Scurried off the train, grabbed a quick burger and arrived at the Sydney Opera House by 7.05pm for the 7.30pm Vivaldi Four Seasons by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Here’s Jin looking handsomely windswept.

EXCEPT! The fricken show started at 6.30pm and we’d missed the ONLY opportunity to take our seats. ALL MY FAULT! I’m so bummed.

We then sat out under the stars having an alcoholic beverage each at Opera Bar for a while till it clouded over and rained on us.

Wandered back to the station and popped in to see Kath (we parked the car in her apartment block). She is so grateful for us fixing her stuff.

Drove home.

SOTEvening: True Lust by Etat Libre d’Orange. It was my post on Perfume Posse today and I’ve been craving it again.

Once home we watched the first five episodes of Raising Dion. A new Netflix series. SO GOOD!

It was 1am by the time we walked the dogs, they were seriously ready to poop.

I came and did computer stuff for a while.

Even though we missed the Symphony, today was a good day.

SOTBed: Escapade A Byzance by Olibere

At around 2am Varun called from India. We spent a couple of hours chatting through some work related stuff for him. Then I couldn’t sleep because I’m worried about him and his businesses, and his family.

Watched the start of  The Age of Adaline with Blake Lively and my new favourite actor Michiel Huisman. Was falling asleep on the couch so I went to bed at about 5am.

Friday 11:

Slept in till 10.30am

SOTMorning: Ylang In Gold by Micallef

Hung around the house. Watched the end of The Age of Adaline and then looked for more films with Michiel Huisman. Then watched Irreplaceable You. Cried my eyes out.

Watched the last 4 episodes of Raising Dion with Jin.


SOTEvening:  VII: L’Heure Défendue by Cartier

It was our friend Paul’s birthday so we went out for Chinese with some of his mates. It was a good night. Chatter, fun, laughs and YUMMY food.

SOTBed: CHANEL No 5 vintage parfum in honour of Robert Herrmann.

Saturday 12:

It’s RAINING! YAY! So lovely to wake up to the patter of rain in a cool morning. Lay in bed for an extra 5 minutes drinking it in.

SOTMorning: Oipum Posie de Chine by Yves Saint Laurent. A lighthearted look at the original, perfect for a modern wearer.

Had a bunch of Blog, Correspondence and Organising to be done on the computer today. Nothing major but must be done.

Dropped down to the Post Office to pick up some AussieBum undies. Also there were a Postcard from TaraC and my Birthday Card from Neela. YAY!

Went and saw Scotty at work.

Home, walked the dogs through the cool afternoon greyness. It was beautiful.

SOTAfternoon: Our Moment by One Direction. So more-ish!


SOTEvening: La Couche du Diable by Serge Lutens. WOW! Dark woods, glace orange and smoky incense. It arrived in my latest Surrender To Chance order and I’m LOVING it.

Grabbed bus then train. Met Kath at Redfern Station and we travelled together to TinaGs Birthday Party. Jin and Alice met us there. So did Scotty, Kerri, Simon and a slew of others. It was LOUD so loads of shouty conversations, laughs, a hearty meal and boozy beverages.

Home to feed and walk the dogs.

Computer time. TV.

SOTBed: Bal a Versailles by Jean Desprez

Sunday 13:

This week has flown by. Up early.

SOTMorning: Ombre Nomade by Louis Vuitton from a decant. A good woodsy niche adventure, you’ve smelt this a thousand times before as the late heart and dry down of modern lazy insta-brand niche. It smells fine, twenty years ago we would have been amazed. Someone brand new to niche will be blown away. If it was half the price I’d buy a bottle.

Fed & walked the dogs. Only Paris wanted to be in the photo, also a beautiful flowering shrub that I’ve never noticed before.

Went to BFF Kath’s Dad’s place to help garden, have a catch up and generally help Dad out. Alice and Kath were there and we had a chat before starting work which ended up in a Climate Change Debate. Kath & I left to garden.

Dad gave me this gorgeous rose. A belated birthday gift. How freaking gorgeous is it? The colour is so beautiful. VERY faint scent.

Came home. Watched Into The Storm on Netflix. I will admit that at one point it gave me ALL THE SADS. It’s a generic disaster movie but enjoyable nonetheless.

SOTAfternoon: Arielle Shoshana EdP

Went in for a bubble bath in Korres Basil Lemon Shower Gel. So lovely.

SOTEvening: Aromatics Elixir by Clinique EdP and Lotion. I smell freaking AH MAY ZING!

Work was really fun tonight. Anna Maria looked beautiful but I forgot to take a photo. She was wearing Shalimar! MMMMMMM


It’s YOUR turn. What’s happening in your world?

Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

28 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 7.10 – 13.10.2019

  1. Yay, my postcard made it! Sending you another one tomorrow just before we leave, finally found the Leonard Cohen stamps.

    It is sooo gorgeous here with the fall colours and mild temps. Madly packing and cleaning for departure Tuesday, but I did make it out to the shops one last time Friday with a friend for some sniffage, I drenched myself in the Cartier VII tester. :-). Also tried the new Byredo Slow Dance, which did nothing for me, and La Couche du Diable was downright stanky on me. But I am lusting after the Diptyque Narguilé candle, must get that in San Diego, so perfect for fall. I need to resmell Amouage Figment, all I got as earthy/dirt smell, no tuberose. Weird!


    • YAY TaraC,
      Thank you so much for sending that gorgeous postcard.

      LOVE autumn

      La Couche du Diable stance? Really? The oudh must be hitting you hard, love that the same fragrance can smell so different to two people.
      CAN’T buy another candle. There are so many awaiting use here.
      Figment woman took me ages to properly fall madly in love with it. I don’t know why either, the notes are a no-brainer for me. Maybe it just needed some time to settle and finalise itself in the bottle.

      Good luck with the move,
      Portia xx


  2. I showered with Korres Basil Lemon this week! Lovely. And I am quite fond of Michiel Huisman (my fellow Dutchperson) too. He also plays a part in Orphan Black, just in one of the series. We watched Peaky Blinders season 6, as good as the other ones.
    OJ Woman is gorgeous I am sure it smells wonderful on you. And…I really like your beard just as it is…
    Have wearing lots of Bengal Rouge, and Hiram Green’s Voyage 2. Beautiful scents, both of them.


    • YAY Hamamelis!
      Those Korres shower gels are such good value and I love that they use surprising scent pairings.
      O M G! Michiel Huisman. Seriously!
      Thank you. Sadly the beard gets a reedy tomorrow. Two big work events this week means I need to be totally on point.
      I’ve never heard of Hiram Green’s Voyage 2. Is it brand new or old?
      Portia xx


      • I think it’s actually called Voyage 2019 (versus the original limited edition in 2015 which was just called Voyage). He just launched it last week, it’s similar but with Indian lotus flower instead of suede, same vanilla and sandalwood base. 280 bottles made, available only on Hiram Green’s own website.


      • Hi Portia, Voyage 2 is brand new, Hiram Green did a limited edition called Voyage some years ago. Voyage 2 is a similar but different (and equally gorgeous if not more imho). Kafkaesque did a (lengthy) review at the time about Voyage (1) and concluded: In short, I strongly recommend Voyage if you love either spicy patchouli, “cozy comfort” winter fragrances with a delicious streak of gourmand vanilla, or strongly spiced, deeply resinous scents. Be a little patient with the first hour, and you’ll be rewarded with all that follows. It transported me back to India in a way that was both evocative and delicious.


  3. Busy bee this week, as usual, Portia. You’re lucky to live in a city suburb, everything is so accessible. Trains and buses, yay. I’m such a country bumpkin that I need to go everywhere by car, unless I’m going to the city in which case there are public transport options. Beautiful frags for you. The full complement of Aromatics Elixir, I’m surprised I couldn’t smell you from here. It’s still quite a popular fragrance here, but mostly the over 50s. Why is that? It’s a stunner that would smell great on the young boho crowd imo. I’ve got the parfum but hardly wear it because, would you believe it doesn’t have enough throw on me. Quiet and calm. I wear it to bed. I should get me some of the edt. You were quite restrained with the purchases this week😉, only several 8ml decants. Doesn’t even count, hawhaw. My own decants were Rose & Cuir, Vanille Fatale, and the most bloody awesome of the lot was Franck Boclet Cocaine. A creamy, punchy white floral. Oh, and I also got a vintage little bottle of Missoni Woman, one of my old muckers. Someone needs to take away my Visa card and disable ebay, and my Irish site that I’ve grown fond of. Hope our tribe here are coming out the other side soon. Be well everyone x


    • I got my nose on Vanille Fatale and Rose & Cuir yesterday. There is an Aromatics Elixir perfume? How did I not know this? I wore AE in the 70s and 80s. I agree. The youngins should wear it too.


      • Yes AE Parfum, it’s not as wild and wonderful as the edt but much creamier and stays closer to skin – well, my skin anyway😃 Keep the peepers peeled for it, a 10ml bottle. What did you think of Rose & Cuir and VF? The former works better for me, longevity wise. The VF, while really great, disappeared almost after an hour. That happens me with most TFs for some reason.


  4. Sh** I’ve done it again, forgot to copy my text🙄 Bum. It might pop up later. I can’t figure what’s going on in WordPress that it just eats up some comments but not othere🤨


  5. Yay for Fancy Nights, I love it, I just can’t say the name out loud,ugh,awful) and a double Yay for wearing No 5 for dear Robert Hermann.


  6. Yay for Ormonde Woman. I expect I will have a bottle of that someday, it’s really at the top of my list. I’m sorry you missed the symphony concert – who starts a concert at 6:30 pm? Super busy week here, only a few more weeks of football and then it should calm down. I decided to wear Hiram Green Lustre today from a decant. So lovely, but I just don’t reach rose perfumes very often.


  7. I had a crappy two weeks of illness and was commando for all of this week. But I am making up for that today. Met a dear friend in the city. We spent two hours in Saks Fifth Avenue and sniffed close to 100 fragrances. And we supported each other in our no buy vows. Best part was getting to hang out with her.


  8. Back from my holidays in burgundy. We had a good time, although the weather was cool and sometimes rainy. We tested different wines and cooked some nice dinners. Visited some abbeys, churches and medieval towns and just relaxed a lot.


  9. I watched season one and two of police series it is set in West Hollywood..I went there in May this it’s a very good series.
    This week trying to finish my bottle of Chanel Allure it’s over ten years old and why am I saving it for a special occasion .. I find that it holds me up at work!!


  10. This week has been boring mostly. I have felt sick with a cold virus of some kind and had to stay home. No novels read, and minimal TV, too. And I’ve had a few days without any perfume at all, even if I could smell my perfumes, at least most of the time. Feeling better now and did some light exercising on Friday, so time to head back to work.

    I surfed our main national online site for used goods this week and discovered a listing with Y from YSL (30 ml), Le DIx from Balenciaga (30 ml) and a miniature l’ Air du Temps at a reasonable price, so the seller will send at the end of this week. It’s really the Le Dix I’m most interested in, but I don’t know that I ever tried Y, so hoping it all arrives here without a leak and that the perfumes are relatively fresh and live up to my expectations! If not, it is going to be a long time before I buy used again, at least if it isn’t locally.

    Starting a concert at 6:30 pm seems early, sorry you missed it. Yay for postcards, I posted one for you some days ago and now have to get around to writing some longer letters for pen friends.


  11. I would love if all concerts started at 6:30 or earlier, lol! I love attending concerts however have a difficult time with late nights as I’m an early bird morning riser.
    I have Aromatics Elixir coming up soon in my Scentbird queue, I’ve never sniffed it and looking forward to it.
    Highlight of my fragrance week was wearing St. Clair Eve and Pandora, both stunning!


    • You certainly have a treat in store with Aromatics Elixir. I think there would be a worldwide outcry if they ever discontinued it.


      • I can’t believe I’ve never sniffed Aromatics Elixir and after all the read rave reviews, I’m looking forward to getting to know this perfume!


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